TRAVELING TO JAPAN VLOG February 25th, 2017
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  1. I am from Japan. I am glad that you travel and vlog in Japan. Actually, hitch-hike is forbidden "by law" in Japan but you would never go in jail for doing so.

  2. 5:24 Hahaha "O genki desuka? (how are you?)" "Uh… Four."

  3. Tell me why you are going to Tokyo if you are going to Okinawa… You should've went to a city further South like Osaka.

  4. Damn. How tall are u Erik… lol and ur a lefty kewl

  5. Japanese usually rent bicycle. Then the funny thing was the conversation. "Ogenki desu ka?" = "How are you?", the answer "4" :-))

  6. Naha Okinawa is where Karate originated from so there is alot of martial arts

  7. I like that you respect the wishes of those to stay private!

  8. Would you stop for someone 6 times your size? Nope. Not a damn thing you could do against someone that big if they wanted to something bad lol

  9. "O genki desu ka" pause "uh 4"

  10. Always amazed at how massive mt fuji is!

  11. Wowww!!!! That water looks incredibly clean!

  12. Eric You are truely amazing that you do such a wonderful work that is only a dream for so many people . So much inspired by you .

  13. Great vlog! You have a reallyyy nice editing skills! I want to visit this place now from your video!
    You can check my travel vlog in Switzerland here: https://youtu.be/uVH6Wgpc0e0

    Thank you so much! Grateful if you like/subscribe.

  14. Loved it. Got yourself a new subscriber. Thanks for sharing.

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    possible. If you like traveling please like, share and subscribe if you
    want to see more of our adventures.

    I will subscribe to anyone with the same passion. Thank you.

  15. That is a crazy cool shot of Mount Fuji! Was that through your plane window on your way to Japan or did you hire a smaller private plan or something?

  16. If anyone's interested in supporting one another I make adventure/travel vlogs. Check out my latest from Vietnam here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6u4mgQ7SRdc

  17. HOTEL MISPRICE🏢: Bed+breakfast stay in 😎deluxe room of 4* #beach resort🌤 in #Phuket🌴 for crazy 🔥€4 🔥per person!!!

  18. ahhh, I'm going in a few months! this made me even more excited!

  19. Fantastic Vlog keep it up ✌

  20. awesome videos! if you have the time. pls check mine out, would love a feedback or tips.

  21. Eric do you color correct the ocean footage? I don't think so but it's so blue:) I use the DJI Mavic, but that Phantom 4 is crazy good:)

  22. Japan rocks
    Love this city Tokyo 👍🏻

  23. how dare you be so fucking gorgeous? it's making me mad

  24. Loved this! I'm going to Japan April 30th! I'm going to document my entire trip on my channel also, for anyone who is interested. This is my 2nd trip, I love it! I'm going to Kurume, Fukuoka! My son lives there.

  25. What's the name of the beach?

  26. oh that blue water!!!
    love to travel!

  27. I laugh every time that you say "It is hace frio!" in one of the vlogs because hace frio literally means "it is cold" 😂

  28. I am hitchhiking across Japan right now :p

  29. The last time I traveled was almost 2 years ago. I envy you!

  30. That flight footage of Mount Fuji was insane

  31. I love how she asked "How are you?" and he's like "four"

  32. If u wanna hitchhike in Japan, I strongly suggest u hold a sketchbook which ur destination is written clearly. Ive done few times and it worked easily!!

  33. Okinawa is great. Was there last year and was great to see more of it!

  34. Wait until you explore the Philippines. Then you will get the proper definition of remote! Love these Japan vlogs.

  35. OMG Some of those views were incredible!!! Wish I could pack up and go there right now lol!!

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