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JAWS vs. CLAWS | National Geographic

JAWS vs. CLAWS | National Geographic

In the ultimate land versus sea battle, a Bengal tiger takes on a crocodile.
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JAWS vs. CLAWS | National Geographic

National Geographic

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  1. This is real good footage but I will always love lions more whether the tigers are bigger stronger whatever it doesn't matter lions are my fave it's the same with having a sports team no matter how good or bad they do you still love em.

  2. TIGER DON'T GIVE 2 FK'S,funny narrator…😎

  3. Crocodile: I'm in the water pal, you ain't a water cat
    Tiger: jaguars are my cousins

  4. It wouldn't hapenned in Africa.

  5. Jaguar can kill caiman why tiger not killing Marsh croc. Why lion not killing Nile croc. WHY?

  6. I don't know WHO this is narrating,but he captures your attention,that's for sure!


  8. 사자는 저짓 못한다. 절대….사자가 하지도 못하지만 만약 했다면 악어밥이 됐을거다.

  9. So lucky that my country has tigers and good news is its increasing in number after a century!!!!

    Badass creature

  10. 9 hours and the crocs couldn’t eat that deer and they gave up on it.

  11. Eye of the tigggggeeeerrrr…

  12. 🐯 joined group 🐊 left group 😂

  13. Love the nature Apex Tigers… 🐯

  14. Only a Tiger can pull this off. My favorite of all big cats. Lions take a back seat.

  15. C comes before J. So Claws win.

  16. That tiger cant never do That to full growing crocks…. ….

  17. King of the jungle is not the Lion. Also the Lion would not have the balls to steel pray from a croc

  18. This is why Tigers are the ultimate feline predator. A lion wouldn't even think about doing this much less attempt it. There is a reason "cowardly lion" came into play. Tigers on the other hand are a perfect symbol of "fearless warrior."

  19. Wow that tiger swimming backward with death animal at his mouth.😮

  20. Im not a fan of reptiles but to be fair a bigger Croc would of taken down the Tiger in water they just to heavy to pull around. But on land I think Tiger wins all day long

  21. tiger is number one in the world. he can do wht he want. just alone and no need team to survive. i really love tiger if he not eat Human. 😅

  22. Nobady in animal kingdom defeat tiger Becoz tiger have so many skills running swimming climbing jumping and most dangerous and bravest part tiger haunting alone without fear

  23. Now thats a bad rascal….he went into their domain and got his prey…..they wouldn't dare come on land to get it back….they would go straight on the menu.

  24. Tiger has the best ability in the water of all big cats.. Jaguar comes second.. That was a bravery act by the tiger.. Every dumb people who compared the guts of tiger and lion based on this are totally have no idea what they're talking about.. Lion hates water just like the other big African cats.. That's why they avoid act like this.. Why risk life when you can go for another prey on land? Tiger is a better hunter but lion is a better fighter and won't back down.. Tiger will run if they can't kill their opponent quickly.. Lion can fight for a long time.. So, be wise at your comments.. Both animals are magnificent..

  25. And that kinks the tigers garden hose big time LMAO 😂😂 where did you come up with that one guy

  26. I bet lion have never done like this before.even on land they cant beat croc 😂

  27. Lion fanboy have to look at this. 😂

  28. Funny all around, stealing food they can't eat. Lol

  29. I happen to love admire both Lions and tigers, and I'm a Leo, but tigers have bigger cat 🎾⚾️⚽️'s

  30. I don't have a dog in this fight but if it came down to the largest species of Croc on Earth vs. the largest species of Tiger on Earth – I'm sorry but I'd have to pick the Crocodile.

  31. That Tiger has been learning extremely well from the Honey Badger.

  32. 'stolen… STOLEN!' Hahaha! :p

  33. How many can argue If this was a Full grown Salt water or Nile crocodile would the tiger have the balls to that ? No chance it would don’t care if it’s a Siberian tiger It’d never have a chance against a salt water or Nile crocodile

  34. Tigers don,t fight….. only be hunters

  35. Glad to know other species have pride and ego too.

  36. Only grizzly bear can do the same as tiger

  37. I sat staring at was rightfully mine for 9 hours but she still didn’t open her legs 😩

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