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Jay Sekulow, Jerry Nadler Trade Heated Remarks Over Executive Privilege | NBC News NOW

Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow and Rep. Jerry Nadler got into a heated debate about executive privilege, sparked by the request to subpoena John Bolton.
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Jay Sekulow, Jerry Nadler Trade Heated Remarks Over Executive Privilege | NBC News NOW


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  1. Why would an innocent man not want all the evidence out and all the witnesses to testify?
    Wouldn’t you want to thoroughly clear your name, if you were truly innocent?


  3. Jay you need to stop representing that clown in the White House and start protecting our constitution you POS

  4. Why do we keep electing these morons? Jerry “Penguin” Nadler should immediately resign and pray he doesn’t get caught up in the coming congressional impeachment for members of congress!


  6. Democrats are wasting taxpayers money on phoney impeachment promoted and supported by MSNBC

  7. The ones that should be impeached are Nadler, Schiff and Pelosi and the whole lying corrupt bunch of Democrats who should be brought to justice and put in jail

  8. Donald Trump is a pathological liar. Period. Just as a Republican lawyers…

  9. What a Turd you are Nadler

  10. 💓🇺🇸TRUMP🇺🇸💓 in my prayers and will be my 2020 vote!!

  11. i like the way these guys are attacking these Dems & looking at them when they speak to them,,,take em down Sekulow

  12. Nadler reminds me of a fat toad with nothing but lies spewing from his ugly mouth

  13. Nadler is not our for America!

  14. Watching Nadler is like watching an episode of Seinfeld. He looks and communicates like George Costanza, only worse. What a circus.

  15. I wonder what roasted penguin tastes like

  16. There's bad blood between the President & Nadless going back to NY years ago. Nadless tried to get his brother a sweetheart real estate deal, and then Donald Trump put up his own money and screwed the munchkins.

  17. Hello trump and the republican party, we all know what you are doing. The American people that aren't part of the trump cult know you have no defense. Executive privilege doesn't apply when you have a trial for a president that is a cheat? Are you really saying that no president can be investigated? Really? This is utterly ridiculous!

  18. Nefarious Nadler, Perjurous Pelosi, Shiftless Schiff and Seditious Schumer, should all be held in contempt for fraud. They have wasted our tax money for years to forward their own selfish goals.

  19. Executive Privilege can be used for Executive reasons – not personal reasons! Simple really.

  20. Only one shredding constitution is Trump remove this criminal clown hybred!

  21. Why he don't show the letter and subpoenas as a proof he is not lying…

  22. And the Oscar goes to….. Jay Sekulow…. for his over-the-top dramatic, and dare I say, way over acted role in this trial – where he plays himself, an unethical, narcissistic attorney who is desperately trying to defend an even more portrayal unethical client. With this award, Mr. Sekulow unseats the previous, over-the-top-dramatic, and way over-acted actress, Flappin' Flimsy Lyndsey.

  23. Hold up. Trump refused to honor subpoenas last April? I thought this started in July.

  24. These malcontents we call Democrats are attacking our beloved Constitution. It is high time these individuals get what's coming too them.

    *JAIL TIME*👈👈👈


  25. You still have the papers fell down on my nadler's walking down the aisle because he's too f**** fat he's nervous and he doesn't know what to do that piece of s*** got a little fat f*** we got pencil neck and we got this guy what's his name the one from the Batman movie he walks just like them the penguin yeah little penguin Nadler

  26. Why aren't these Democrats in jail,, wasting the taxpayers monies on nonsense!!!!!

  27. Thank you Mr. Seculow. For some reason the demoncrats just can't hear very well.

  28. if a-holes of a-holes had a-holes

  29. So no matter how you come down on this politically, guarantee Jason Sudekis plays the presidents lawyer (Jay) this weekend. If you close your eyes and just listen it sounds just like him!

  30. The next Democrat President WILL be impeached by a GOP House….. The Democrats can count on that

  31. Naddler is scum. And msnbc is fake vile news. Not real journalism

  32. due process is not something that's offered Nadler! It's a right!….JESUS

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