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Jeff Bezos slammed for donating $690,000 to Australian wildfires

Fox News contributor Jonathan Morris discusses Jeff Bezos getting attacked for not contributing enough to Australian wildfire recovery, virtue signaling and church contributions.

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  1. Amazon is getting ready for its downfall. They are gaining from their communities, but should give some back. 10% is fair!!!

  2. Not many rich people elsewhere give to the USA when we have problems I mean

  3. Jeff Bezos didnt have to give anything. No rich people give to the USA when we have a problem except our own citizens.

  4. Wow. People have big stupid mouths who give nothing.

  5. I felt like a million dollars the day I canceled my Amazon, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. Switched to DuckDuckgo for search too.

  6. I'm no fan of Bezos but I commend him for giving near $700,000 for dealing with the wildfires.

  7. Imagine being so woke that you complain about donations

  8. If you donated it out of Amazon Australia he would get a tax break if you donated it personally or out of Amazon USA there's no tax break.

  9. As an Aussie I say thank you Jeff Bezos for your donation this will hurt all of OZ for decades

  10. No mate , today's Left hate everybody who doesn't comply with their insanity .

  11. The way this conversation ended around religion and church tells you a lot about todays media. Youtube will take over, lets not let it get regulated by the mainstream.

  12. Australia here. Guess how much Novak Djokovic donated? $25,000 the last time the media reported. This is not a competition. People should be comfortable with what they donate.

  13. Thank you is a good and right response to this gift, this is a sign of respect and appreciation whether a small amount or large amount. At least he gave and that is to be commended. Do not judge a person on what they give, but with thanksgiving and appreciation honor the person, as the person has a heart to help, a widows gift is a powerful gift, as is any amount given to bless others in need. Well done Sir , the challenge is to others also to give. SHALOM

  14. I honestly don't know what to think about this. They have a point, but also Bezos doesn't have to donate any at all anyway… Uhmmm…

  15. LOL $690.000 from Jeff Bezos is like the average American donating 5 cents. Just another day in the life of a pathetic Liberal Democrat Jeff Bozo

  16. People like to think they would do better things if they had that kind of money! Guess what? You wouldn’t!

  17. He didn't have to give anything at all. I commend him for doing this.

  18. In response to the tithing given to Churches, mentioned by the reporter above. I think in most cases it would be better for compassionate individuals with money to set up their own non profit, so that the individuals who really need help get it. And any organization that does what the below article states should lose their non profit status.
    The Vatican annually collects over $55 million in donations through the Peter’s Pence charity fund and church law dictates that Pope Francis can legally use that money as he sees fit. A Wall Street Journal report found that as little as 10 percent of those donations have been used for actual charity.

  19. Thank you Jeff Bezo's for helping.

  20. Most super wealthy only give donations to save on taxes and people like Bill Gates give more to Africa than the US. Then there are people like the Clinton's who make foundations and pocket like 3/4 of the money.

  21. Instead of saying JEFF BEZOS gave the money, state what's true, AMAZON gave the money. Its a break on their taxes and Amazon isn't BEZOS its all the people involved with Amazon, their shareholders, etc. If Bezos wants to donate in his name with his private cash, he can give whatever amount he wants. Its his money. Although truly, if I were a billionaire, I'd at the very least give a million. If $690K equals in AUS $ fine, whatever. Yes, its "better than nothing", BUT, do not put your name to that donation if its really Amazon. I'm curious now how much Amazon donated to the Amazonian fires.

  22. The Aussies appreciate your help Jeff. I do not know what is wrong with people.

  23. The pope now is a fake anti christ what a POS

  24. Didn't he recently divorce….maybe he's tired of giving….LOL! Too much money who cares…

  25. For the richest person in the world. It’s sorta cheap.. 🤷🏻‍♂️ a round 1mm would have been nice. Just saying

  26. Last report. 183 arsonists arrested. Climate change?? Another disgusting deep state event!! Pure evil!!!

  27. what bothers me is that it wasnt 700K! why 690K?!?!?!? whhyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

  28. I’m not ordering anymore from Amazon. Bezo you are greedy.


  30. It was not worthy of bringing to air.

  31. What about CA . They only give to foreigners .

  32. so Bezos has a net worth of under 2 billion? This dude is not to good at math I think. 50’000:20 = 2500, 2500×690’000 = 1.725 billion

  33. He gave a lot more to his X Wife!!! and that wasn't for a good cause~

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