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Jeff Sessions Is WAY Too Little Too Late With The Opioid Crisis

The U.S. Justice Department, again, has decided to step in and take action against the makers and distributors in opioid painkillers. Ring of Fire’s Mike Papantonio and Peter Mougey discuss this issue. Learn more here: https://www.levinlaw.com/government-opioid-lawsuit

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  1. Does Jeff sessions and project exile target opioid dealers or just crack dealers?

  2. So… Don't help at all or do it 100 per cent your way all the time. WTF is wrong with you?

  3. You are right. Way too late. Let's not start to do something about it. Too late for that, right?

  4. He's gonna be unemployed in 2 weeks tops so who cares?

  5. What picture of Sessions do they have were he does not look like the Keeber Elf ?

  6. 1 day after this video is posted….. 23k views = .5% of 4 million subscribers.
    Nuff said….

  7. Imagine how much money you could make off Marijuana instead if selling pills that have side effects and cause drowsiness and overdoses

  8. We have been medicating ourselves since the beginning of time. Human beings are under a great deal of stress, so why would it be any different now. . No one talks about that..

  9. If you don't know about kratom, research it. It is the best non-opiod to remedy addiction to opiods. That's why Jeff Sessions And republicans are trying to make it illegal everywhere.

  10. WTF did 8 years of Obama do to the opiate crises???
    More wars, richer bankers, increased gun running to Mexico, porous borders…raping Haiti…
    Hillary cannot be allowed to still control the DNC.

  11. I was in he Hospital for surgery for weeks, during which time hey pumped me full of Exo cet and Morphine. They were passing them out like jelly-beans. When I got out I never had the slightest urge for these "serious" drugs again. MY very strong belief is that there's a lot more than Opioids, involved in the "OPIOID EPIDEMIC" than OPIOIDS. I smell Conspiracy Theory.

  12. The so called opiod epidemic which is actually a plague upon all you gentile races I noticed that this is mostly effecting pink ppl you are reaping what you sowed did you actually think you would get away with what you done and still do the chosen ppl?

  13. The FDA just approved a NEW opioid product.

  14. if we would of cared about the crack crisis, despite it not affecting certain populations, we would have the infrastructure to of dealt with the opiod crisis. it may never even of became a crisis.

  15. Jeffrey Sessions is the most sorry ass excuse of an attorney general in history. Of course that could be said about almost EVERYONE in Chump's cabinet current and past and the same for Ryan and McConnell. He's just a bumbling stupid hick who doesn't know the law and went to the Louie Gohmert school of law.

  16. I want to be addicted to opioids. How do I do that? Do I need a doctor's permission slip? Is it that easy? I don't even know what opioids are. Seems like it's pretty easy though. At least everyone is talking about you…..

  17. Change the world? The reporters here do understand that, despite what most Americans think, the US is not the world….

  18. If you're addicted to Opiates find a Subutex/Suboxone doctor.

  19. This admin. Is anti Christian , anti love, anti peace, anti compassion…

  20. Vote The Green Party, let's give them a chance.

  21. Can't hear this video. Volume is way too low.

  22. Shieeet this cracka ain’t takin muh buisznes from me’z, I still be gettin muh papah.

  23. Sessions is deep in the pocket of big pharma

  24. They made the opiate problem to begin with there was no opiod crisis you took patients pain meds away and now they turn to illegal opiates we have a patient in her 70s who has cancer and no one would even give Vicodin because the DEA intimates doctors and now little old lady's and chronic pain patients to go to the corner man instead seeking treatment

  25. I was a drug rep at the time selling against the opioid pushers in the pain market. Man, they lied, lied and lied. No addiction risk. No abuse risk. Meanwhile, they had the studies "in hand" that demonstrated that was inaccurate. The Docs took the pens, pay checks and prestige and wrote the scripts like they were giving away tic tacs.

  26. Typical left wing approach to a problem. They want gun control even though they know that gun control only takes the guns away from people who never misuse them in the first place. Now, instead of going after the doctors who over prescribe and the drug dealers who sell this shit on the street, they want to go after the manufacturers. I understand this from an ambulance chaser's point of view, big pharma has the deep pockets and big settlements and huge fees are all they are interested in but it won't solve the problem.

  27. There too busy demonizing weed πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

  28. how are drugs even still illegal? I should be able to buy a case of painkillers from Kroger by now

  29. Who actually watches this garbage???

  30. am I the only one who sees a funny face in that column ot the screen

  31. You guys are nuts!!! I am a Liberal Progressive this problem Exploded under President Obama!

  32. Libtards love drugs , Democrats are the party of drug addicts.

  33. Jeff Just give me the Machine Gun !

  34. I swear Jeff looks like the little elf on the cookie box

  35. Okay well what would be the solution from the Democrats? Just legalize all the drugs? Democrats have no solutions. That is why their campaign strategy is calling Trump a big meanie.

  36. More Trumptards dying off of Opioids? Excellent

  37. Isn't the dope coming in from Afghanistan?

  38. Jeff Sessions along with the govt won't do squat to the manufacturers and distributers of these opioid drugs.

  39. Sessions Late? "Won't start prosecutions?" Think Huber working for Sessions behind the curtain for months and has hundreds of prosecutions ready and will be announced on stage by Sessions. Relax and enjoy the show, Criminal and Military forthcoming…. WWG1WGA.

  40. Just watched 'kill the messanger', reap what you sow. RIP GARY WEBB!

  41. There is an herbal remedy for opioid addiction–OPIUM.

  42. The sound is awful on this video.

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