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Jennifer Hudson’s Perfect Cat Eye “Swoop” | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

Jennifer Hudson's Perfect Cat Eye

“Maybe I’ll sing you a song,” says the multi-award-winning actress and musician, Jennifer Hudson. “I’m gonna fly-yyy away with my swoops.” She’s singing—in perfect falsetto, of course—about the two bold “swoops” of liquid black liner that she’s just drawn around her almond-shaped eyes.

Filmed at The Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills

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Jennifer Hudson’s Perfect Cat Eye “Swoop” | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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  1. I love her so much also I can relate to messing up the line so you keep making it thicker lmao thanks jhud ❤️

  2. jeffree star has left the chat

  3. And please, Zendaya next!!!

  4. Vogue, consistency is key. Y’all didn’t post again what Jennifer was using in the video. Jeez

  5. Jennifer Hudson is a goddess

  6. She is so beautiful 💓😪

  7. She is grace & perseverance personified!!!

  8. High respect for this woman (jennifer hudson)…simple yet genuinely beautiful! ❤️

  9. She's got the swoop down, I could barely do it lol

  10. i LOVE her singing in the tutorial. i’m over here saying, “ OHHHHHH SISTAAAA YESS”

  11. I wish Beyoncé would do this video

  12. she is just such a delight

  13. Gorgeous & her voice is everything ❤️

  14. If Denzel Curry was a female


  16. Yaaay, I'm an early commenter😍👏😆👏😆

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