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Jennifer Lopez Wears Large Hat & Long Ponytail to Grammys Awards 2019

No, that wasn’t Rapunzel you saw on the 2019 Grammy’s red carpet. That was Jennifer Lopez, blessing us with yet another super-long hairstyle to pin to our hair inspiration boards.

Lopez has stopped us in our tracks with some waist-length hair looks over the past year, so it’s no surprise that she and hairstylist Chris Appleton reached for the extensions for this year’s Grammys. Sharing a video of the look on Instagram, Appleton describes his masterpiece in two words: “lux pony.”

Luxurious is exactly the word we’d use for this style: It’s a swept-back low ponytail tied at the nape of Lopez’s neck, reaching halfway down her famous butt. At the very end of the ponytail, you see a soft curl, which Appleton created by curling individual sections with the GHD curve soft curl iron. There’s no crazy volume, no baby hairs, no frivolous hair accessories here; just a ponytail that’s as simple as hair that falls past your waist can possibly be.


But since this is J. Lo, the look doesn’t end there. She quite literally capped off her outfit with a white rhinestone wide-brimmed hat, that’s one part Puss in Boots, one part cowboy. It perfectly matched her rhinestone dress.

The good news? Lopez is performing a Motown tribute tonight, so we’ll get to see this ponytail in action on stage. The great news? Provided you have a mountain of hair extensions and a hair tie, this is one red carpet look you can actually try at home.

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