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Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party and anti-Semitism | UpFront

The UK Labour party has been hit by various accusations of anti-Semitism, many relating to its leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

Corbyn has been accused of sharing platforms with Holocaust deniers and making offensive remarks about British Zionists.

He also initially expressed concerns about adopting the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s (IHRA) definition of anti-Semitism in full. His clarification, which made allowances for the ability to criticise Israel, was rejected by Labour’s ruling body in September.

“His leadership has emboldened a section of the far-left that has always held these really rather extreme views towards British Jews,” said Daniella Peled, a Corbyn critic and contributor to Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

While some say a Corbyn government would pose a threat to Jewish life, his supporters regard the criticism of him as a conspiracy.

“Are they interested in eradicating anti-Semitism or are they interested in eradicating Jeremy Corbyn?” asked Michael Rosen, a Corbyn supporter and award-winning novelist.

In this week’s Arena, Michael Rosen and Daniella Peled debate the UK Labour party’s anti-Semitism crisis.
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  1. I've never heard of this guy Michael Rosen but he is very ignorant.

  2. Interestingly this woman who began her pitch with a claim that the left sees things in very binary terms then gets all binary with Michael Rosen. I think she's seeing offense in cases where no offense is meant. I daresay she's a centrist. When asked what solution would satisfy her she says, nothing would. Ah well….

  3. Jeremy the Iranian media is calling for you to help them implement their death to the UK proposal. After it's off to Moscow where you will meet with Putin for your socialist indoctrination classes. Nice work comrade Corbyn.

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