Erik Conover Video Blog Ep. 111 JESSICA’S FIRST TIME
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If you are a musician and would like to feature your music (hip hop, piano, instrumental, acoustic tunes) in my vlogs please email me at conover.er@gmail.com subject “NYC TUNES”


Shot on my Canon S110

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  1. in the videos Eric comes across a bit clingy, always looking to jess for reactions and stuff.

  2. Just found your vlog and I really love it! It really inspires me to worry less and to do more. Really good vibes! Thanks Erik 🙂

  3. pobre PUTA!!!!! traicionera a la patria……………..te van a dejar y terminaras cazada con un macuaro q te golopee/acambio de tu asquerozo sexo

  4. I looooove how simple and romantic some of these older vids were. Adorable!

  5. new subscriber! I've been binge watching and i can't help it haha, not at the top yet! favourite bloggers everrrr! you guys definitely inspire me to continue being positive and more productive with my day. you guys are so beautiful inside and out💕

  6. Found your channel and I'm so happy I did, also this vlog was done on my birthday 🤗🤗

  7. Do you guys follow Casey Neistat? You might like him Erik, he is just as positive and keeps busy creating 🙂

  8. You guys really make me want to move to New York! Ever since I've been watching your vlog I think about it everyday. & I actually started watching your vlog from the very beginning too! I watch it so much I'm almost caught up & I've only been watching for about 2 months lom

  9. Totally love these videos….grew up in NY and never took time to explore, thanks for all these tips and places you recommend… Can't wait to visit my mom in NY …planing a Eric Conover experience lol 😊👍 p.s. you and Jess are great together #relationshipgoals

  10. What sunglass brand is Jessica wearing?

  11. I'm going to New York in July
    Your vlogs are something I really enjoy everyday thanks I'm really looking forward to New York!!!!

  12. your guy's life  seems so fun 🙂 
    looks like you guys had a great day!

  13. Wow…I agree the sunset clip was so illuminating on the bridge!!! I love being your mom😘💖😉🐶💃🐾🎉🎊💙

  14. AWESOME photography and video!

  15. Hey erik and Jess I'm moving to New York this December to go to school and watching your blog has made me beyond excited to start my new life there! But I'm 18 and my parents are worried about me moving there alone. Any advice for newcomers in the big city? Thanks

  16. I saw the sunset the first time I walked the Brooklyn Bridge and it was a truly magical experience. Thanks for (virtually) taking me back! The next time I went at night and just to be alone with my thoughts and there were only a few couples and runners. So if you want to experience a less touristy side of the bridge, definitely go at a later hour. It's really safe too because there are patrol cars across the entire length of the bridge.

  17. This was an amazing vlog! One of the best by far!

  18. What?!
    How can u live in NY that long and never have been across the Brooklyn Bridge?! That's my favourite NY landmark!

  19. That sunset clip of the bridge where the building lights in the background start to illuminate the whole scene was beautiful at 7:02
    I have to definitely visit new york to take some photos! The energy is always amazing!

  20. Waou that sunset Brooklyn bridge – my heart skipped a beat! 🙂 Fan from Czech republic 😀

  21. Your videos are fantastic keep it up!

  22. Jessica your hair looks fabulous!

  23. Hey Erik, are you looking for music from people who live in New York? Or can I send you some from somewhere else. I'm thinking about trying to write a few instrumentals for you

  24. Loved Jess' random kiss. You two are so cute!

  25. Something I really appreciate about your channel is that you communicate with pretty much everyone in the comments. Not everyone is willing to do that and it's really cool that you put so much effort into every aspect of having a youtube channel.

  26. awesome that they took down the wooden walls from the Brooklyn Bridge!  nice photo ops!  i couldn't ride the bike there, too many people walking in the bike lane made for lots of crashes.

  27. first time are always special if your in no hurry to enjoy that special moment when the time is right lol glad she liked the bridge.looks like you guys are glad you moved to New York City.

  28. Brooklyn Bridge can be so beautiful at sunset, Erik you have captured some beautiful shots. Also city can be fun without breaking the bank. Cheers, Kate.

  29. I have not done the Bridge yet either!! I can't wait!! 🙂

  30. you think you guys would ever make a video outside the country?:)

  31. also, this was my favorite video yet! Keep it up, these are so inspirational and just great. Thanks for doing them 🙂

  32. Your editing and placement of music etc gets BETTER and BETTER with every vlog! I will be in NYC in two weeks, if you had to suggest one and only one place that MUST be seen or done, what would it be? (from a local perspective)

  33. I didn't have time for the Brooklyn Bridge when I was in New York last summer so after watching this I think I'll definitely make a point of heading down there when I hop the pond this August. Looking forward to it. Really enjoying your vlogs Erik. Good work! You've actually been one of the main inspirations for me to start a channel (after finals) I'm excited to join the YouTube world so: Thank you!

  34. Great video again, love seeing the city and your lives in it!

  35. This was by far the best shot video of yours
    idk where to start from. I really have no words. I really love ur videography. this one is gonna be hard to top up
    Ps: that laugh at 3:47

  36. Almost at the 5k milestone, crazy how fast it's gone!

  37. Amazing city lights view from the Brooklyn Bridge! Magical!

  38. Conscious human-bird co-parenting..I am sure that that's a thing, Eirk :0) LOL.

  39. Goddamn man i hope you get big one day, you're getting there trust me. You're just as enthusiastic and creative as the other big vloggers but you're more humble and down to earth and that's awesome. You're the best vlogger Eric and probably the best NYC youtuber out there!

  40. Does Jessica watch Ben, Casey and Louis too? That'd be so cool if she did!

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