Jim Jordan rips Mueller for passing on questions

Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano with the latest on the Robert Mueller testimony on Capitol Hill.

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  1. He cant talk abt Misfud IF he's under investigation, BUT he needs to explain why there's NOTHING in the report about him, he was a key witness /accomplice, and he was NOT under a separate investigation during the special council term……..?… Why? Bc it would have exonerated the president, as would an investigation of Steele dossier and Fusion gps.

  2. Mueller is a dirty conspirator for the British & Obama & Clinton. Most of all, the BRITS. The British are very angered by the fact that the impeachment coup is failing, Trump has put an end to perpetual war (British scheme) and he has shut down the geopolitical system (British scheme) in the U.S. Dems & BRITS are worried about Trump remaining in office because he's been uncovering a lot of rotten conspiracies pulled on U.S. citizens in this country. Plotters are now planning to push U.S. toward war with Russia to stall Trump in his investigation & make sure we do not become Russian & Chinese allies. British are furious & their economy is collapsing!

  3. Idiot napolitano being proved wrong whenever he open his mouth on muller probe and rusian made up collussion. Napolitano is one who colluded with deep state.

  4. Mueller report called Misfud a Russian Asset, when in reality he was a western asset, and Mueller's FBI investigators knew that.

  5. Enriching all lawyers involved!!!

  6. Mueller knew it all was unverified! Which mran he is quilty of all

  7. Mueller is one completely quilty of hiding in the investigation. He should included in all charges

  8. Jordan knew he wouldn't get an answer ,he only asked it to expose even MORE bias from these swamp puppets

  9. Jim Jordan ever run for president he'll get my vote help president drain that swamp Jim Jordan

  10. Jim: Is your name Robert Mueller
    Mueller: I can't agree with you characterizations.

  11. Muller you traitor !!!!!!!!!! Hateful male

  12. The very day the American people vote a "demoncrat" as their next president you know all that is good in the world will become so corrupted and evil only Satan could be proud of it. God help us all and God bless Donald Trump 2020. From Ireland.

  13. looks like dementia on mueller

  14. It's clear there was bias.

  15. This is a huge deal right here!! I wish everyone could see this video. There is a lot riding on this subject right here.

  16. Did he take his morning nap? Weissman is the biggest trump hater and he needs to b put behind barrs and Durhams!!

  17. I cant get into that. It's not in my purview. I take your question. ROFL. What a scumbag.

  18. Political biast is disbanding the difference between right and wrong in the law.

  19. I would play a loop of this on TV for 24 hours. I would focus on the 1:13 mark where he says that he is not certain ahhhahhhhah that I agree with your characterizations. "WELL, I'M READING FROM YOUR REPORT!" Missed the best follow up to that which was, SO YOU DON'T AGREE WITH YOUR REPORT?" CASE CLOSED!

  20. Mueller looks like this is weighing heavily on him. Good. Let's spend a year or more Pounding this report, which he seems to have little memory of, in his face!

  21. The gal smiling at the end, is gone in the end.haha. not funny no more

  22. Insufficent evidence?????? No Evidence!!!!!!!! He wint say no evidence, he is lying!!!!!! No Evidence. Mueller just put the nail in his coffin

  23. Jim Jordan will be the next Speaker Of The House, come the 2020 landslide for President Trump.

  24. Mueller leaves a bad reputation for being a Marine.

  25. Mueller is a criminal, needs to pay for his crime! A special counsel who does not know what is in his report! So, why did he take the job on? Justice is comming, a bit slow, but thorough and final!

  26. The only possible defense that I see for what was not being said is that he was instructed to do so as it was part of an ongoing investigation, otherwise he should have answered.

  27. Mueller, what can you get into, you pathetic piece of crap. Bill Barr is coming for you. Your real problem is just starting.

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