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Joe Biden Says He Would 'Of Course' Consider Kamala Harris As Running Mate | NBC News

Former Vice President Joe Biden says he would consider Sen. Kamala Harris as his 2020 running mate.
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Joe Biden Says He Would ‘Of Course’ Consider Kamala Harris As Running Mate | NBC News


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  1. He cant win and defeat trump cause his a sore loser in our country

  2. She was very mean to biden

  3. The left actually think this guy's going to win….incredible.

  4. I bet Biden, in a fit of dementia, challenges his own reflection to a push-up contest at least 7-10 times a day.

  5. Jesus are these people trying to loose in 2020?

  6. On the positive side, they could dress Harris up as a ten year old school girl, then Biden would be so busy he wouldn't have enough time to muck up our lives.

  7. Hunter biden is and EXPERT in CRACK COCAINE not Ukraine

  8. Crazy Joe are you going to cut off elderly voting because they're too old and are you just going to stick with the much younger generation

  9. Not enough knee pads in the world 🌎 for her to accomplish all those things. Bye Felicia 👋. Tulsi sends her regards. 😘

  10. Then there would be two TOP COPS in the white house. If he does decide to make her his VP, he has signed his fate of never becoming president. They both are so awful. But you know he is getting up there w/ age he most likely wont remember this comment a week from now.

  11. Do not challenge this man to a push off contest! He will have a heart attack.

  12. Quid pro Joe. Joe has got to go. Top tier candidates campaigns are on hospice care. #Tulsi2020

  13. Well, THAT'S why she dropped out!

  14. Perfect pair , corrupt, liars, unethical they have a lot in common not sure what they think they would run for? Running mate to escape a prison sentence maybe

  15. She is too evil to just go away. I'm sure they will pick her as VP candidate

  16. Well he does like black people playing with his leg hair. And she likes it on her knees.


  18. I wish Kamala didn't dropped out.

  19. She probably got a good reference from Willie Brown. A good role model for young liberal girls everywhere.

  20. Oooooh, Pedo Joe, you're so popular in NBC land, a fake news outlet center.

  21. Creepy Uncle Joe Biden for pres? Trump can't wait for the next 4 years, Biden can't wait for the next 4-year-old.


  22. No ADOS agenda no vote trump2020

  23. Picking Heels-Up-Harris as a running mate would be political suicide.

  24. It would increase his black vote, pretty smart.

  25. I am still hoping for Corn Pop


  27. Pervy Joe the maid brought the children over to play today shouldn't you be in the pool.

  28. The Russian trolls, alt-right INCELS, Bernie Bros, and free college folks need to simmer down just a little. Biden is going to be the nominee, and I can assure you that if he made the choice for running mate tomorrow, it would be Harris. Just get past the silly insults and hand wringing, and decide what you will do when that happens.

  29. Or Joe could just drop out, that would be great.

  30. And that how Joe Biden lost the presidential candidate…

  31. “ I love kids rubbing my legs and jumping on my lap “ -Joe Biden 2019

  32. Even Democrats don't want Harris – and Biden (who's health and mental deficiency is already in question) is considering her as his possible replacement? Won't bode well for his campaign, as usual.

  33. All either one of them must do TO DO MORE GOOD for the life of this Earth than any person working as "The President of The United States of America" ever has is to just simply publicly step forward and say they agree "Life is Most Important in Life" is always true and as such is "The Most Important Truth in Life" e.g. "Life is Most Important in Life is The Most Important Truth in Life". Anything less from anyone working for life means they don't know better or they are committing fraud. No one has the qualifications for this job if it is either. Did you ask them if they agree? That's the very first prerequisite for any job representing life. It's the genuine root of our equality in each of us being Most Important and..and..and.. and…

  34. If Joe makes it he would make a mistake with Harris. Voters are not going to forget how she attacked him in the debate.

  35. Joe Biden is what we know to believe that most of these fools are "Useful Idiots"

  36. How he polling so high and everyone always talking crap about him

  37. Look on the bright side m, she has more time to visit her “good friend” Willie Brown.

  38. So the Democratic”front runner” will choose the first candidate to drop out due to no one supporting her. It couldn’t have anything to due with her alleged racial conglomeration or what’s between her legs , could it?

  39. Joe Biden is poster child for Alzheimer's

  40. We all should be concerned. We don't have anyone competent running for office. These people are walking idiots.

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