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Joe Biden Stops Short of Apologizing To Anita Hill

Joe Biden Stops Short of Apologizing To Anita Hill

Joe Biden didn’t quite apologize to Anita Hill how the confirmation hearings of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas went down in 1991.

Brett Erlich, Aida Rodriguez, and Nando Vila, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT: https://tyt.com/trial

Read more here: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/joe-biden-anita-hill-inappropriate-behavior-claims-view-1205075

“During his first sit-down TV interview after announcing his 2020 presidential campaign, the former vice president was pressed by the women of ‘The View’ about his behavior during the 1991 Supreme Court confirmation hearing, his apologies to Anita Hill and accusations that he inappropriately touched several women.

As part of what The View co-host Joy Behar called the “Viewpology tour,” former Vice President Joe Biden appeared on the ABC talk show Friday morning in his first sit-down TV interview since announcing his presidential bid for the 2020 Democratic nomination. There he fielded questions from the all-women panel over his response to the Anita Hill controversy and allegations that he had inappropriately touched several women over the years.

During the interview, the former Delaware senator revealed why Hill was the only woman granted the chance to testify during Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ 1991 confirmation hearing, while stopping just short of delivering an unprompted direct apology to her before drawing a line between allegations of his “inappropriate touching” and behavior that “approached” something more.”

Hosts: Brett Erlich, Aida Rodriguez, Nando Vila

Cast: Brett Erlich, Aida Rodriguez, Nando Vila


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  1. TYT act as if they care about Black Women. But yet, we are left out of the conversation when it comes to progressive agenda

  2. Any black citizen who vote for this man, should go straight to hell period

  3. Aida Rodridguez – worst panelist on TYT. Can rarely string any point in an intelligent or articulate way.

  4. I could never vote for perverted Bernie cause he only cared about whites and totally ignored minorities. Biden will never get my vote cause he is responsible for uncle Ruckus Clarence Thomas who voted to prevent other blacks from voting. Trump, I will never vote for a man with multiple complaints for pedophilia and rape. That's way too sick for us, minorities. I'll just vote for a 3rd party.

  5. If he can't apologize, all his "tender" emotional talk is so much wind.

  6. "She's not a victim she's a survivor." Uh, no, victim is a perfectly adequate word to describe someone who has experienced rape or sexual assault. The phrase "survivor" implies that at some point the person's life was in danger, and unless the person in question was the victim of an attempted rape/murder, this makes very little sense.

  7. He’s only apologizing because he’s running.smh

  8. Biden reminds of that one preacher who locked out people during that one hurricane

  9. On one hand you have a person that changes to get elected (Bidden) and on the other you have someone who stood for the rights of other his entire career (Sanders).

  10. I may be in the minority here but I actually think this Anita Hill stuff is super irrelevant esp considering we have a president who has said what he has said and continues to say. And no I’m not a Biden fan (I donated to Bernie), and I’m a black woman. I really think it’s important to get him (and others) on recent policy and behavior and not on something that happened so long ago that many current voters were either not born or were toddlers.

  11. Also being a black victim does not get you more points, victims are equal.

  12. Joe and Bernie will never be “woke” enough, the goal always moves.

    Better off be saying sorry and just move forward.

  13. I really think he doesn't get it at all about this.

  14. Biden is Hillary 2020. Corporate all the way!

  15. What does that racist female in the center even contribute to this show besides race baiting? Her stupidity and obnoxiousness will always bring this show down. Please get rid of that cringy bitch.

  16. If he is the next president, he's going to be the second asshole towards women in a row.

  17. I come to tyt for the homosexual perspective on politics.

  18. Great report guy's. I'm not going to rest until we have woken every democrat up about the real Joe, Who's just a 'polite trump' as far as I'm concerned.

  19. Joe didn't regret his treatment of Anita Hill until he needed women to vote for him.
    Obama protected him last time, but now, he's on his own.

  20. She expected cunnilingus

  21. Bravo to Anita Hill! And who are these, women advocates? What organisation(s) are they connected to?

  22. They must want Trump again

  23. Joe Biden makes me want to take a hard nap.

  24. It's the perverts world.

  25. One of the worst rollouts since GED Bush

  26. this Biden is a piece of s…

  27. Biden sounded like he’s scrambling for an answer and he failed hard.

  28. The liessssss you tell! Creepy joe!

  29. It would be as George w Bush would apologize to German chancellor for rubbing her back. Some women want to be treated the same but not at the same time.

  30. What a farce, this is stupid. There was nothing sexual in his conduct and the women agree on that, so what should he apologize for? Being friendly? I think the women need to apologize to him and seek psychological help.

  31. She shouldn't have lied

  32. "[Anita Hill is] a little bit nutty and a little bit slutty."
    Well then, that David Brock quote from 1991 has certainly aged well. LOL. Brock, by the way, is a hugely influential force and consultant in the Democratic party, the founder of Media Matters for America. However, in the early 1990s he was a right wing Republican "investigative reporter", who only switched sides during the mid-90s, becoming a Clinton supporter.

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