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Joe Biden Taking Bribes?

Joe Biden Taking Bribes?

Here’s who owns Joe Biden. Ana Kasparian, Adrienne Lawrence, and Maz Jobrani, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT: https://go.tyt.com/qgi

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“In his bid to become the Democratic presidential nominee, former Vice President Joe Biden pledged to reject contributions from lobbyists and corporate PACs. But he has quietly taken in more than $30,000 in donations from corporate interests through a political action committee he created in 2017.

Biden founded American Possibilities in 2017 to support Democrats in the midterm elections. The group took about $29,000 in donations from federal lobbyists and $5,000 from a PAC affiliated with Masimo, a medical device company.”

Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Adrienne Lawrence, Maz Jobrani

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Adrienne Lawrence, Maz Jobrani


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  1. Once again title is misleading. Horrible fake news

  2. Joe Biden should not be running for president when you tell people to go out and buy a shotgun and commit a crime you should not be allowed to run for president

  3. 🚂🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃
    TRUMP 2020

  4. My imitation of joe.. sniff sniff rub

  5. Young people want more get a job want even more get another job this is America you want something you work for it… Bernie isn't going to change a thing politics is never going to change get use to it money and politics go hand in hand… the 1% keeps the world going round and round…

  6. Joe "big money" Biden 2020!! No Bernie No Trump!!!

  7. I've been thinking exactly the same thing Ana said at the end, the coverage of Bernie and Tulsi compared to Biden and Bootyjudge says it all, we will have a repeat of 2016 unless drastic actions are taken to fight the establishment propping up another corporatist!

  8. I don’t care for the clickbait title here being that every politician and every winning presidential nominee in US history has accepted bribes. It’s just business as usual. But, I ddI love Ana’s piece at the end at (5:22). I wholeheartedly agree with her about the scary but viable potential of Trump winning again. The Democrats control the election and if they hate nominate a Hillary 2.0 in either Biden or Kamala Harris, then Trump could very well see himself for 4 more years in office. Think about it…how often does an incumbent lose? In the past 40 years, only one time has an incumbent lost…George HW Bush. So history very much favors Trump. I think he will lose merely on the fact that he won’t get so lucky again but I could be totally wrong.

  9. "I don't know whether they are actually giving money…", but the title reads "Joe Biden Taking Bribes?". And you call yourselves honest and independent media? You're so desperate to get after Bernie's opponents that you don't even try to hide your bias anymore. For shame!

  10. Boy, Bernie is dropping in the polls and TYT is getting desperate.

  11. So, here we go with that "circular firing squad" you got your panites in such a bunch about… Really? You've learned NOTHING from 2016?? You're going to get YOUR "base" all in a lather about all the other Dem candidates, and when Bernie doesn't make the ticket (again), we re-elect tRUMP?? Pelosisidewaysclap to you…

  12. All committing TREASON on capital hill for decade's taking bribes in two forms Foreign owned fed reserve paychecks and pace ,lobbiest money. Only way to save EARTH is to become secound amendment n bare arms against antichrists traitorous churchville government holding us hostage and all others who profit from Mark of the BEASTonome monitary slavery community DRAG THEM OUT CHARGE with treason reinstate the guillotine march n revolt and execute on public tv before to late and our planet cannot sustain itself or us.

  13. @1:22 Yeah, to a very annoying effect. I just unsubscribed those emails were unbearable

  14. Thanks The Young Turks.☺ "Joltin Joe" will leave and go away…"Hey Hey Hey"?😀

  15. All politicians are crooks. Especially American ones.

  16. Why do I feel like he's going to pick Hillary as VP?

  17. The old white moderate is running away with it lol, so much for the woke scolds

  18. He’s taking bribes from Chuck E. Cheese

  19. Bern Is the front runner, and The Bern don't Bounce

  20. I agree with Ana about Trump winning but for a whole different reason. I think that what happened in 2016 is going to happen again, i.e that if a corporate democrat wins (e.g. Biden) the nomination that progressives won't show up because he's so "horrible". It's like some progressives can't see the big picture. They can't see that no matter how horrible the corporate democrat is that he's a million times better than Trump. Even if Biden would win the presidency he would never put a right winger on the supreme court, he would never relax gun control laws or enviromental laws. He would never have children taken away from their parents at the border. But no of course, lets bash Biden for not being the perfect progressive and not show up to vote. That'll show those pesky corporate democrats. Or not.

  21. Corporate Joe like his corporate dough.

  22. Love Trump. Love Trump winning in 2020. Loving Trump for 5 1/2 years.

  23. Biden is the choice of the wealthy leftist elites. He will the nominee. They ALWAYS get what they want. Democrats always surrender to their leaders and never fight. And Trump will win in a landslide

  24. 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲Bernie 2020🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  25. TYT needs to stop repeating the lie that Biden is the frontrunner

  26. Where were the Jobs Joe?????????

  27. Bernie is the only one who will work for the people! If Americans don’t elect him, then America are totally ignorant.

  28. The party of diversity….. and the 2 frontrunners are old rich white men.    hahahaha !!

  29. I’m with Ana on this. I won’t be surprised if Mr Orange wins another term. The corporate media hasn’t learned anything

  30. If trends continue and the party nominates Hilliary 2.0 (Biden) it is another 4 years of Trump (from an old Democratic voter that is voting for Sanders).

  31. Millennials should "give him a break"? Millennials have been fighting endless wars that he voted for since 2003. What hardships did Biden go through? He was born into a middle class family that made its money in the oil business. He was two years old when WW2 ended, and he missed Vietnam. He's been in politics his entire career, with healthcare paid by the state since age 30. He never had to worry about his insurance dropping him because of a pre-existing condition, and senators don't get denied coverage. Talk about a guy who had it easy!


  33. How dare you ask that question. Joe would NEVER "prostitute " himself. up and up aalll the way.

  34. Money is used to buy things, including politicians!

  35. Lobbyists are a nice way to say, BRIBERS!!!

  36. The Dems are no different then the right wing crazies the only difference is they try to hide it.

  37. You guys are really taking it up for Biden. ugh.

  38. Joe Biden is not going to beat Trump the democrats are idiots Biden doesn't stand a chance against Trump. Bernie Sanders is the only person that can beat Trump. Stop picking these losers like Hillary Clinton. Start giving Bernie more coverage you morons otherwise the dems will lose again.

  39. Biden is a corporate stooge, of course he will take bribes,… that's how he got more than 6 million dollars before he even announced his bid after he met with Comcast and assorted republican and democratic big money and corporate donors.

  40. Biden began his career in the Senate in the 1970s by opposing attempts to achieve educational integration, effectively isolating black children in underfunded, de facto segregated schools. In addition to working to preserve segregation, during his time in the Senate, Biden also became friends with notorious segregationist Strom Thurmond, even delivering a eulogy at Thurmond’s funeral in 2003.

    Beyond their personal friendship, Biden and Thurmond were also close collaborators in implementing legislation that directly contributed to mass incarceration. The two senators were the co-sponsors of the Comprehensive Crime Control Act of 1984, which expanded “civil asset forfeiture,” allowing police to seize property without proof of guilt.

    Biden would continue to serve as one of the primary architects of mass incarceration throughout the 1980s and 1990s, sponsoring the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986 that established the infamous 100:1 sentencing disparity for crack cocaine, as well as co-sponsoring the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988 and contributing to the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994. They all enforced increasingly stringent sentencing requirements for minor offenses and led to the present situation in which the United States has the highest per capita incarceration rate in the entire world.

    Beyond his role in the mass incarceration crisis, Biden also supported the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act, the implementation of the Patriot Act, the 2003 invasion of Iraq and even the Secure Fence Act of 2006, authorizing the construction of a barrier along the US-Mexico border. Credit to dailytarheel.

  41. Again, if Trump was reelected it would be women who voted him in.

  42. Biden is destroying Bernie in polls OUUUUUCCCCCCH

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