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John Legend Reacts To Kanye West Running For President

John Legend Reacts To Kanye West Running For President

John Legend reacts to Kanye West running for president and talks the secret to his happy marriage with Chrissy Teigen.

Starring John Legend

Reporting By Dory Larrabee

Produced & Directed By @ginoorlandini

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  2. Kanye West my friends and I will work with you. Certainly you can do no worst for the country than before President Obama. And with the closing down of the government. I think with your work ethic and your name recognition should bring in new, younger faces to Congress and the Supreme Court. As it is you are already being discussed in high places all over the world. You should have no problem in the transition to being a great statesman. There is no way you could do worst than the present people controlling the Congress and Supreme Court. These people are fighting against a fair wage, decent health care and education. You could stare directly at any world leader and you have reputation as a no nonsense person. The Republicans refusing to work President Obama, President Kanje West could bring new faces in Congress and Supreme Court. Go on and complete the Obama legacy. I am not alone and will certainly support you..

  3. If you have the choice who would you vote in 2020

    Kanye West or This racist blonde fucker Donald Trump

  4. No offence to Kanye West or gay people, but can someone explain to me why Kanye looks hella gay at 0:50?

  5. kanye isn't gnna be president (._.) nobody is gnna waste their time voting for him ._.

    _/ _/ _/

  6. Way to Go Kanye!!!!!! :):O:D

  7. Wtf is Kenya serious?

  8. I hope neither Trump nor Kanye get elected

  9. I would vote for Legend, i love him

  10. but he could make it kyane woooh

  11. kanye please don't run for president 😑

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