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Johnson And Johnson Facing Multiple Legal Battles For Asbestos Filled Baby Powder

Johnson And Johnson Facing Multiple Legal Battles For Asbestos Filled Baby Powder

Learn more about talcum powder dangers here: https://www.levinlaw.com/talcum-powder-ovarian-cancer-lawsuit-lawyer

The story continues to get crazier, as Johnson & Johnson gets hit with multiple million dollar verdicts for selling baby powder filled with cancer-causing asbestos to the American public. Ring of Fire’s Mike Papantonio and Farron Cousins discuss this.

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  1. At least you don't have to worry about your baby catching on fire.

  2. I never put anything powdery down there coz I always thot cancer. I don't know y wud anyone do that put power down there.
    I did put it on my babies until I educated myself about it so I stopped

  3. Ok, so there are people in the US who have been harmed, and some at least are seeking legal redress. What you haven't said is what ethnicity those successful litigants are, although you have made clear, as was already known, that J&J pushed their products very heavily into Black and Hispanic neighbourhoods. Here's a fact though, J&J also heavily targeted non-white populations outside the US, and I've a suspicion that their profit in the US would pale into insignificance against what was made in India, Africa, and the Caribbean. It would seem sensible, at least to me, that, if the major portion of their profit was made in those non US areas, the damage done to the people's of those areas would be significantly greater than in the US. So my question is; what about the victims from those countries? I realise that you have no power to address the issue but, wouldn't it be helpful if you were to at least give the issue an airing on behalf of those voiceless victims, particularly as their governments are so notoriously uncaring?

  4. This is a bullshit story based on heart over head.

  5. Hmm from what I know this is a kinda bullshit

  6. Thanks to Gingrich and his Torte Reform they will not be punished properly.

  7. Donald Trump is not the main problem is a part of the ignorant stupidity that allows corporate America to conduct business to the lowest standards of quality.  Now going to get far worse thanks to Donald Trump lifting sanctions deregulating not funding.  Things like the EPA drug and food administration environmentalists so forth and so on etc.

  8. Use cornflour instead of talcum powder.

  9. My biology teacher told me this in 1997


  11. Wow another company caught targeting us. I know people who was using this stuff. But then you say oh no one is trying to kill us. Slavery was years ago….

  12. Are they putting it in their undies? I don’t understand why a grown woman uses powder. Why not shower?

  13. Everybody knows they're one of the elite families. They're not trying to do shit but harm babies. Agenda 21. Wake your ass up.

  14. My mother's best friend is dying because of this companies' huge mistake!

  15. Criminals!!! They make baby powder from real babies. 😢😭

  16. And noone will go to jail. This is CRIMINAL and there is no way that this was hidden for 40 years without the knowledge of the executives !

  17. Boycott the products of corporations

  18. We have known for over 25 years that there was a possible association between talc use and ovarian cancer

  19. Talc is omnipresent in many many makeup products !!!
    Read the labels

  20. Johnson and Johnson company are the devil

  21. Company brass should be prosecuted for manslaughter. All the companies worth should go to victims. "Wisconsin, where we defEAT people"

  22. Sold my Johnson & Johnson stock when these verdicts started coming in. Rich friend said don't worry, these cases are being appealed.

  23. Omg these people are evil. Why, how could you do this to people? Then after the cervical cancer news came out, they started running a commercial saying. Johnson and Johnson aupports women bc they were planning on hiring 20k women to their company. Obvious ploy. I was very suprised that Abby from Broad City to be in the commercial. Shameless, evil, liars. I wish rhey could inveat the money they do to cleaning up their products instead of defense attorneys and oay outs to their victims. Why are rixh Americans sich uncaring unfeeling pieces of shit. Pretty much everyday some piece of news like this one breaks my heart.

  24. What moron doesn't understand that their body will naturally take care of itself for the most part

    I am so happy I was taught that at a young age and it really got emphasized when I was in high school but I would never have used that bullshit anyways

    Just made it so I could give a reason why other then just saying I dont want to or it's stupid to without being able to prove it

    Then those morons who got cancer would think I wasnt taking care of myself when they are all dead

    My dad tried to kill me and I am still living and all of these people because they dont have brains ended up killing themselves

    That sort of amuses me (I am part demon keep that in mind also these machines are really hurting my heart)

  25. So my question is this. I am from the Caribbean and we too have s culture of using the stuff … I can't say what the stats are of women who die with early onset Cancer but I know they exist . So what is the recourse for people outside the US…

  26. They still got this crap on the market! smdh

  27. They put what in what???? Needs to be entirely shutdown. You guys really needs to controle those rogue actors you have doing harm on your communities wtf.

  28. Should I be worried I use this for my sweaty balls

  29. Poison is poison. If the poison kills in minutes or hours it doesn't matter, that would be a murder charge. If it takes decades for a poison to kill, what makes it different? People who were complicit in the conspiracy to commit mass poisoning should face those charges and penalty for what they do. Not a fine. Death penalty. Or are they just going to get the same message, that these charges will result in fines that will be paid in budget cuts and increased costs to customers?

  30. johnson and johnson is the devil. even there baby shampoo is toxic

  31. I never trusted that stuff.

  32. they should pay everybody for putting their lives at risk

  33. More asbestos! More asbestos!

  34. J and J baby product's are full of chemicals

  35. Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope it was a happy one, and that your Christmas was white!

  36. Can we send a few cases of the old talcum powder for Trump to powder his imitation pompadour with?

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