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Jolla Sailfish Review | Engadget

Jolla Sailfish Review | Engadget

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We recently had the chance to spend time with David Greaves and Vesa-Matti Hartikainen of Jolla and take Sailfish OS for a spin. As you might recall, this open source mobile OS builds upon Mer (a fork of MeeGo that includes Qt) and uses the Nemo framework with a custom UI. Like any decent Linux-based OS, it supports both ARM and x86 devices. The company is also behind the Sailfish SDK which is in the process of being finalized but is still open to developer feedback (the source code is available). For the latest hands on gadget reviews. Read more here: http://goo.gl/EA76d.

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  1. WP , Android is definitely better than this phone.

  2. not JOLLA only OS…. SAILFISH . 

  3. looks pretty good…just hope it gets enough app developers or there wont be any takers for this 

  4. For me it kinda looks like a mix between: Blackberry OS10 and Android.

  5. Need more improvements on the gestures tbh

  6. Nice os . Lets see how it deals with ram consumption lags and bugs….

  7. This should beat Android + WP… !!!

  8. Nokia hardware + Linux based OS that can run android apps as well!
    A brilliant concept, the UI is so fluid and interactive.. I think its gonna be better
    than Android, it also handles multitasking better than any android device out there.

  9. There say it`s Jolla.. so why the hell there is written nokia in that f*king phone ?!

  10. Бля , че у него с ногтями?

  11. is too complicated as OS .. too many gesture..  but as a start it is very good

  12. awsmee…brooo
    i wish u all d bstt…..

  13. the OS is created by the same ppl as Nokia N9

  14. This phone looks pretty much like Nokia N9? :O there is even a Nokia text on that phone, up in middle.

  15. Love it is continuing where Meego left off. Not as innovating as before but there tons of potential. I am rooting for this OS to be on the top or Ubuntu to change the way wet think about smartphones

  16. мне одному показалось, что у мужика ногти как у бабы? Гейропа…

  17. The swipe, peek and multitasking have already been done. It's called BB10 :/

  18. It's pretty cool os.. I'm gonna give it a try.

  19. No it doesn't look like it. It looks a little like a a N8 (but I guess it is not).

  20. cut your nails bitch, please

  21. I am really tempted to buy this when it launches

  22. wtf is with those nails?

  23. I advice that multiple gesture

  24. If i have a Virgin Mobile Andriod Phone (HTC Evo 3D), and i replace the OS on it to sailfish, or Ubuntu Touch Firefox os ect, Would i still have my same number/account Tied to the phone? Info Would be nice!

  25. I think I am in love with this OS. It is so intuitive and different. Its similar to BB10, but, without being as confusing. I love how its entirely gesture based, but, without being over bearing. And, since it supports Android apps, I don't have to worry about trying to get apps nor adjusting to a new app ecosystem. This could be an excellent platform. My only pitfall is the physical device that will be using this OS. It only had a qHD display,, which is disappointing. The price is also sad: $540

  26. Thank you for pointing that out.

  27. Those fingernails.. Nice phone but damn those fingernails.

  28. Wtf is with his fingernails?

  29. On one hand I'm very proud of Jolla and this video, because it shows that even if Nokia lost its "phone business" to Microsoft there are still people who are willing to continue Nokia's heritage. But on the other hand I'm kinda ashamed of that guy's super-stereotypic Finnish accent x)

    Greetings from Finland!

  30. yep just running sailfish. sailfish is next gen meego

  31. they will have custom app store or a rebranded app store provided by Myriad group tht provides Alien Dalivk.

  32. They say it will be capable of running Android apps. If that is really true, here you go 500 000 apps more than WP

  33. He's using a Nokia N950 development device. Only 5000 were built because Elop did not want to commercialize this device in 2011. It's built w/aluminum shell and has a slide out physical QWERTY like E7.

  34. or or or , but but but , lololol

  35. Thing is, this thing also supports Android apps, therefore the app situation would be better. I'm still confused about the way it will use them tho, if Google allows the Play Market to be used on this device.

  36. They use a N9 for testing, this is an OS not a Phone brand

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