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Jon Jones UFC Champ Positive For Steroids Again

Jon Jones pops for steroids after winning at UFC 214 the light heavyweight title against rival Daniel Cormier.

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  1. To all Jones fans out there.. your idol is a bitch fraud and his career is over haha

  2. Jon's other, other failed drug test was for a steroid masking agent, not a steroid itself. He claimed that failed test was from a medication for libido, via a pill his friend gave him, which he took even though he didn't know exactly what it was. That story now seems much more dubious. Jon's rise to champion came before the UFC had a strict drug testing policy so if this new test holds up, it does call into question his legacy. But keep in mind there is due process here and the final result is not in.

  3. i knew Jon was so fooking fake with this big come back gig~ DC always hit the nail on the head in regards to Jon's character~
    This guy is a liar and a cheater and an absolute bullshitter~

  4. Wow you guys got so much facts wrong u can tell they don't know shit about the UFC

  5. THANK YOU for calling Brock mediocre. He is 5-3-1.

  6. Greatest fighter hah I think not

  7. D C IS THE CHAMP. Jones is a cheating piece of shit with a shrunken flaccid penis. HOW FUCKING FUNNY & GREAT IS THAT! HAHAHA! I knew it.

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