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Jordyn Woods Cries To Kylie Jenner Over Tristan Thompson Hook Up | Hollywoodlife

Jordyn Woods Cries To Kylie Jenner Over Tristan Thompson Hook Up | Hollywoodlife

Jordyn Woods apparently cried after her hook up with Tristan Thompson and she might try to get on Vanderpump Rules. Plus, did Tristan and Jordyn make a pact to lie about their alleged hook up?
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It’s about to go down! Khloe Kardashian has broken her silence about Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Woods’ relations in a number of Instagram Stories that speak about betrayal and pain. In the first, Koko shares, “The worst pain is getting hurt by a person you explained your pain too.” The next Story says, “Somebody needs to hear this… That betrayal was your blessing!” Then, “If they ask you about me, tell them: She was the only person that loved me with honesty and I broke her.” Finally, Khloe shared a close-up image of a cartoon with a tear coming down her face. OMG.

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Khloe Kardashian Breaks Silence After Tristan Scandal With Message About ‘Betrayal’

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Jordyn Woods Cries To Kylie Jenner Over Tristan Thompson Hook Up | Hollywoodlife


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  2. Oh my god that’s such a bad picture of her 😂

  3. So now the little dark girl did something that the fair skinned good hair girls do, she's being made to look like she's such a bad and too broke to hold her own???….ya'll some sick minded people. Sorry set of people to go on this platform to degrade this young lady. I get it, just suppose that she goes and hurt herself from what you grown ass people with no life is doing??…then you will say she's weak. Weak people do weak things. She could be your sister but then again most of you are not loyal to family or even yourself.

  4. Jordyn should of told khole about being invited to the party from gate

  5. women cry after everything…

  6. Jordyn woods is probably going to regret this for the rest of her life

  7. @jordywoods don't these dumb ass insecure teens comments effect anything you have going on Baby girl fuck them sometimes friends come and go but my Th ing is how Kylie or anybody else mad khloie stay getting cheated on damn she best reach out to Lamar Odom

  8. okay but the thumbnail GOLD LMAOOOOOOOO

  9. Kylie did not unfollow her.
    Here's the thing, sometimws you wanna keep your enemies closer.
    If every single one of the karjenners unfollow jordyn, who' s gonna keep an eye on all her moves?
    So that's how women handle stuff

  10. she crying because she got caught

  11. I love Hollywood Life!!!!!! And I love this reporter!!!!!!!!

  12. Tristen is glad Jordyn did not call police, if she was drunk and he took it. However denying a hook up means she was into it. Hopefully she talks to her mom. Let's see those text messages~

  13. You guys are still milking this 🙄

  14. I’m on a Hollywood life binge

  15. Funny how the narrative is now changing. She's going to get back in their good graces which will be a long process all the while Khole is working through her recent breakup and raising True and working and the family adjust to dealing with Jordyn. In case you all are wondering this is the next season of KUWTK

  16. i’m confused did they hook up or just kiss people saying different stuff 🤦🏽‍♀️

  17. Thumbnail shady af 😂😂

  18. This guy is one of my favourite presenters hands down

  19. She gonna fuck travis next

  20. I think Jordy more upset she had that dirty dick in her

  21. Get of the Kardashian’s dick

  22. She is so ugly with her un even skin. Coin slot teeth. And shite teeth

  23. I died when I seen the thumbnail ☠️

  24. Check out our cartoon Parody of KHLOE being cheated on by Jordyn and Tristan https://youtu.be/Tbm3J5WhTes

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