Jose Altuve on Jeff Luhnow, A.J. Hinch firings: ’I feel bad for them. They were good guys’ | FOX MLB

Astros general manager Jeff Luhnow and manager A.J. Hinch were fired earlier in the week after being suspended for one season each for their part in the team’s sign-stealing efforts in 2017. Star second baseman Jose Altuve said he felt bad for Luhnow and Hinch in the wake of MLB’s report.

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Jose Altuve on Jeff Luhnow, A.J. Hinch firings: ’I feel bad for them. They were good guys’ | FOX MLB

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  1. What most surprised you about Jose Altuve's first public comments since MLB released its report about the Houston Astros' 2017 sign-stealing investigation?

  2. I have to say, I give Altuve credit for at least showing up and (unlike Bregman) actually answering reporters' questions.  But, man, I think he's lying about the buzzer in 2019. . . . .

  3. If you're not cheating, you're not doing your job!

  4. When he gets kicked out of baseball he can become a jockey

  5. Let’s get some Dodgers/Yankees reporters to ask questions lol

  6. サイン盗みやめろ

  7. If they don't win 100 games like they did for two seasons straight, then we all know the real outcome of things. They are not a good team because cheating is how they win.

  8. Even Stevie Wonder saw that slider coming

  9. All you guys clowning the Astros don’t get so cocky in you accusation because now congress might do some investigating and your team might just be next. So you guys clowning Altuve watch out your team might be next,

  10. He should be banned from baseball forever. He doesn’t deserve anything.

  11. oh look its the cheating midget that cant get into roller coasters because he doesnt meet height requirement lol


  13. These were some weak questions. I hate the media.

  14. Why doesn't he feel bad for the opposing pitchers who got tagged as a result of the stolen signals? He had the audacity to say the league didn't find anything. Wow.

  15. Fake player once a cheater always a cheater

  16. Not only as a Yankee fan, but also as a baseball fan, I hope you are banned from baseball. After you are gone you can keep your jersey on; there will be no one to rip it off, and no more walk-offs to hold your shirt over. Sad.

  17. Well, if the League doesn't do anything about Altuve's cheating, you can bet Chapman and other pitchers will be aiming at his head with a 100mph fastball.

  18. Terrible!!!!! That whole team needs to be punished. Bet their averages plummet next year! Good thing I’m a Rangers fan!

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