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Journey Through the Largest Cave in the World | Expedition Raw

Journey Through the Largest Cave in the World | Expedition Raw

Son Doong Cave—the largest in the world—wasn’t discovered until 2009. Now, National Geographic grantee and photojournalist Martin Edström, takes us deep inside Son Doong as he tries to capture its overwhelming size and beauty in 360 degrees.
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About Expedition Raw:
Surprises, challenges, and amazing behind-the-scenes moments captured by National Geographic explorers in the field.

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About National Geographic:
National Geographic is the world’s premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what’s possible.

Dive into Edström’s images to take a 360-degree tour of Son Doong Cave.

Read more about Martin Edström.

SERIES PRODUCERS: Chris Mattle and Jennifer Shoemaker
GRAPHICS: Chris Mattle
FOOTAGE AND IMAGES: Martin Edström, Mats Kahlström, and Erik Hinnerdal

Journey Through the Largest Cave in the World | Expedition Raw

National Geographic

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  1. Proud to be a Vietnamese 😁😁😁

  2. It is in my country. I am vietnamese. Xin chào

  3. I came here to calm myself down after watching Nutty Putty Cave


  5. I'm a vietnamese person , who is vietnamese ???

  6. Hope they find some diamonds

  7. fake i went throughthis whole cave in 5 minutes

  8. Vietnam, the land of mystery and beauty.

  9. I love this video, great job to the National Geographic and all the scientists that were involved!
    However, some corrupted government officials have approve a tourist project–that could completely destroy the whole system. Please National geographic, if you could, use your voice to stop this madness!

  10. for people who is watching this video. right now, Son Doong Cave is threaten by Quang Binh goverment. They intend to build teleferic system to get profit for themselves With the reason is opening for tourism and developing local economy, hell no. They are liars. A bad things happened to Fansipan mountain and Phong Nha cave after the telepheric was completed, Ecological system has being polluted and destroyed. So please, help us to stop this shit happen.
    link below: http://vnexpress.net/de-xuat-xay-cap-treo-den-gan-cua-hang-son-doong/topic-18332.html
    use google translate

  11. yah, Viet Nam! the largest cave, primitive and splendid

  12. hope they won't destroy it by exploiting it for money

  13. Wow, all I see is mostly WHITE MALES! Disappointed. It's 2016! Shame on you National Geographic. unsubbed

  14. So cool! We want to see this someday!

  15. if I would have discovered a cave such as this one. I would think long and hard if I would let anyone else know about it. you know somebody's gonna mess it up one way or another..smdh

  16. how do I get this guys job?

  17. There is suspicion that there are even more vast caves in the earth,dwarfing this one even…magnificant,isn't it….

  18. what is the name of the background music???? someone plese help!!

  19. 1:27 these comments make the man who is talking look stupid

  20. ah the tourist industry ruining historical places since the 1850's

  21. Wow that looks amazing!! So beautiful!! It's a mouth dropping view! Please don't let this place be destroyed like the many others

  22. Wish i was there with them on the expedition.

  23. They could make a mint off this, just put in elevated boardwalks.

  24. i thought the largest cave in malaysian borneo

  25. places like this are being destroyed by humans

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