Home / News / Judge Gives Roger Stone 'Tongue -Lashing' Before Sentencing Him To 40 Months In Prison | NBC News

Judge Gives Roger Stone 'Tongue -Lashing' Before Sentencing Him To 40 Months In Prison | NBC News

Trump associate Roger Stone was sentenced to 40 months in prison and ordered to pay a $20,000 fine for obstructing a congressional investigation dealing with Russia’s 2016 election meddling.
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Judge Gives Roger Stone ‘Tongue -Lashing’ Before Sentencing Him To 40 Months In Prison | NBC News


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  1. Tongue lashing lmao This admin is trash and so r the judges!!

  2. These idiots ALL say " My client is in deteriorating health " !! —————————–WolfSky9

  3. He should serve every minute of that sentence but we all know he'll get out early.

  4. Lets see what happens. He is out until a ruling on a new trial because of a bias jury foreman.
    Also 2 of the 4 fisa warrants used to justified this investigation have invalidated. If the other 2 are invalidated the case may disappear.

  5. And someone poor gets 10 years with no parole for less.
    How to you expect people to react to this?

  6. He's a pig like trump is. trump will eventually end up in jail. Imagine them both passing notes between cell to cell.

  7. it should have been 40 years because so what he did nothing wrong

  8. Tongue lashing. Do you need stitches for that? Surprised that Trump didn't compare Stone's treatment to Jesus' scourging.

  9. Stone is a well-known interfering bozzo .He knew what he was doing and that he was medaling in our nation’s election to help Russia overthrow our democracy! He’s very lucky I was not the judge! Why do these constant career criminals think they are special? We are really going to keep a close eye on trump…double duty!

  10. Make him work retail for 2 years that will teach him.

  11. Just put this scum bag 2 weeks in Gen Pop, and see if he can live long enough before he is pardoned.

  12. Bill Cosby age or health wasn't taken into consideration.

  13. Russian interfering. You all Democrats should be shot for interfering and overthrown our Trump's president and destroy his people. Time will come and I wish you people will not escape once God's go after you, you worst than trash!!!!

  14. Tongue lashings are irrelevant. There are people serving 5-10 for a lot less crimes that didn’t affect our nation.

  15. Lawlessness has its consequences…

    @scoldsore On Twitter
    Current Location : Miami, FL – Earth

  16. If he's in such bad Health that it can't possibly stay in jail 4 months then just let him die in prison

  17. And people doing 100 years for smoking weed or buying it. The whole system is bulshit

  18. Just more proof that there was a clear cover up to try and prevent the exposure of Russian interference into frumps election.

  19. If you were driving down a highway and 1/4 of a mile ahead there is a brick wall.. Would you run into the wall saying its my only choice or would you swerve out of the way to safety.. Trump is that wall.

  20. I hope he drops dead in prison, the world is a better place without him

  21. I hope stone bring lots of baseline with him to prison……..he’s gonna need it!

  22. DDBlackTours wtf? if you dont want to go to jail or prison at a old age dont break the law or have Trump as your friend

  23. Focus on the sign over his head! It had to be planned! Media gymnastics is in full bloom where screwed!

  24. Stone is innocent NBC is fake news

  25. Just a reminder that there are people serving 10+ years for using marijuana.

  26. He looks like another elite child molester type like Clinton & Sgt. Trumbo. Ew.
    I bet his skeet DNA is plastered all over Epstien's island.

  27. "Roger Stone treatment" in 2021 means FBI SWAT teams of thirty with guns drawn and with tanks, huey helicopters, , gun boats kicking in the doors of the traitors and overthrowers, the communist propagandists like Radical Moscow. She knew Mueller FISA Steele was pure fiction. False witness nightly libel/ malice. The intentional commission of a wrongful act, absent justification, with the intent to cause harm to others; conscious violation of the law that injures another individual; a mental state indicating a disposition in disregard of social duty and a tendency toward malfeasance. Mad cow. It is all fruit of the poisonous  tree, must be thrown out. Flynn, Manafort (solitary 9 months in cold cell?? ) Seth Rich made the thumb drive. Jury of peers in 90% socialist/democrat DC?

  28. If Mr. Trump follows his usual path it will be complete and total pardon for Roger Stone followed by a very high cabinet post in the Trump administration in an effort to hire only the top of the top , best of the best America has to offer.

  29. Guess who will pardon him? Shouldn't be revolving doors in prisons!

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