Judge orders Google to release Jussie Smollett's emails, private messages

An Illinois judge ordered Google to release a year of Jussie Smollett’s personal information including emails, pictures and other data.

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  1. He is such a dueche bag!! Lying racist pos

  2. JUICY SMOLIER. You know…. the famous French actor.

  3. The Obama's will pay to keep this story under wraps.

  4. If you racist people actually cared about all the other atrocities that occur in this country as much as you hate this man. You all would be a very informed group.

  5. Oh boy, watch the roaches scramble now!! This is about to uncover some deep ties to Obama, and company.

  6. Jussie Smollett is innocent

  7. jUSSY sMOLLETEE FROM fRANCE? should get at least 20 years or more because he used his stardom to leverage it

  8. The idiot is a laughing stock all over the world!

  9. Sets a presidencies for future data request from google in other circumstances. Google… a company with political bias and ability to manipulate its data.

  10. Is there an afterlife?

    How do YOU tell right from wrong?

    Does justice exist?

    There is an eternal God sitting on his throne of judgement awaiting every soul that leaves this world. He is the standard of moral excellence and has provided us with a moral conscience and his word and commandments.
          We have greatly sinned against him and as he is holy and just must serve righteous judgment on those who are guilty.
        Because he is also rich in mercy and is the source of love he became a flesh and blood man walked among us and was crucified for the payment of the sins of mankind. Through his precious blood we can be forgiven and know God and be at peace with him.
       Repent of your sins, give your life to Jesus Christ and be forgiven and saved.
    The new age cannot replace God.
    He is eternal and is reaching out to you.
    May the Lord God bless you.

  11. Google watch out FBI is watching to see if you scrub data. Give it all or you will be in bigger trouble.

  12. Smollet should have paid his fines and counted his blessings.

  13. I thought Jussie's case was going federal. He staged a hate crime, so that's a hate crime. I supposed Rep. Harris, Jussie's aunt, put him up to it.

  14. I'm alen Kazemi and BBC news and love you so much Donald Trump@

  15. Justice is long overdue, what you expect from an Obama city

  16. I think Small-ette should be rotting away in a 6X9 cell somewhere…but this order sets a very VERY dangerous legal precedent for the future.

  17. It was not "acting" or make believe what Jussie did it was a REAL crime. Very degrading to the country and the Chicago Police dept.


  19. This isn’t looking good for him

  20. It's time Smollett finally faces justice for faking a hate crime and terrible obstruction of justice.


  22. We can't look into him that be racist. Oh no he's the racist that cried racist. POS


  24. Kim Fox is the biggest Criminal in all of this! She actually took an Oath to uphold the Law…and then DIDN'T!

  25. im so sick of the democrats adds before i watch a video! ill never vote for a dem no matter how many adds YouTube throws at me!!!😡

  26. I'd like to read a real 📖 book, not an e-book, about search warrants.
    Yes, I believe he staged a hoax but he claims innocence and if no charges brought I'd have thought the judge would have said search the state attorney first for evidence of corruption.

  27. Good… he faked a hate crime and lied to set up white ppl & republican ppl. He should be in PRISON along with anyone that helped him or covered for him. Chicago is corrupt…

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