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Judge rules ex-White House counsel McGahn must testify before Congress

A federal judge orders former White House counsel Don McGahn must appear before Congress pursuant to a subpoena issued earlier this year. President of Judicial Watch weighs in on ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight.’ #FoxBusiness

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  1. Don McGahn is the the lawyer to protect the institution of the White House against enemies foreign and domestic NOT Donald Trump. Use your brain people!

  2. It's obvious that every court will make anyone, maybe not the president, testify before congress. "Presidents are not kings" is what the judge said.

  3. If this black democrat female judge doesn’t know that a king is a do nothing individual with zero political power and zero responsibilities, then there’s the possibility she doesn’t know either a thing about her duties on the bench.

  4. This left wing anti-American bigot judge has changed her decision today for a temporary period of time.

  5. This judge has lost his mind

  6. Used to think McGahn might be on the side of truth but no longer think he is on the side of America just save himself


  8. Parallel universe or obtuse?

  9. not going to happen, the liberal Obama hacks ruling will be overturned on appeal.

  10. How about taking a flying Fu** at the moon and see how that goes… first.

  11. The Judge ruled that he SHOW up, not that he had to testify!! Lets get it right FOX.

  12. If you dont know who the judge was….google it and you'll instantly understand.

  13. I think the judge meant that he must comply with the subpoena and show up. Then he can evoke executive privilege and not testify. That is a paraphrase from Allen Dershowitz.

  14. White House Counsel Don McGahn was doing a job of supporting Trump in his day to day activities. What is Trump and for that matter what is Kushner doing every day? What is the extent, the amount of crime and corruption possible between these two criminals with the only oversight being after the fact, after the crime? Mchahn is not afraid of Trump or even the crimes that Trump has committed. McGahn is afraid of the volume, the sheer amount of crime he might have to sit and explain that Trump relentlessly pursued.

  15. All these nonsense comments. Does anyone know anything about american civics anymore? we are all going to hell…..SMH… This is how he got elected. Clearly, most people don't understand how this whole thing works. The lawyer of an institution or business or entity is NOT the same as a personal lawyer. Trump is not the CLIENT of McGahn, the white house is and his obligation is to protect the interest of the white house even if that differs from the interest of the president. Trump is not America. They are not one and the same. And this ruling is likely to be upheld because they (the DOJ) have no valid argument to prevent him from testifying. "Because Trump said so" is not a valid reason and executive privilege is not valid in the case of an impeachment investigation unless it is a matter of national security. READ A FCKING BOOK, please jesus.

  16. 😂😂😂😂😂stupid fox

  17. God bless America…. God bless Judge Jackson. We are Americans…we do not have "kings" and, in fact, we do not bow  before anyone else's king either. That is a fundamental part of being American… no one is above the law. AMERICANS DO NOT BOW.

  18. Who wants to bet that this was a Obama appointed judge.I thought not.🎱

  19. Trump would be much better off to fire his do-nothing invisable and mute "legal team" and hire Judicial Watch staff!

  20. Great News caste Thank you Tom and Lou for the information.

  21. He will simply plead the 5th.

  22. Members of the Judiciary are now in the fight against the President,Look what America is coming to now there is no seperation of powers again in this country.

  23. since when do lawyers choose the judges the want? Why isn't that corruption stopped?

  24. Is that old dog, Dobbs still alive? Only the Guilty obstruct. No one is above the Law. Trump and his supporters may not think so, but all other Americans do.

  25. I Remember when Obama's were corrupt,

  26. If Trump thought his taxes are nobody's business and private then he wouldn't have repeatedly said he'd release them.

  27. King Trump is not pleased.

  28. He doesn’t have to answer any questions like Robert Mueller, I don’t Recall, I can’t remember, you will be OK.

  29. Jefferson, Hamilton and Madison, Edgar Allen Poe had nothing on those three guys, it surely isn't Milton or better yet O'Henry. Headline grabbing judges or judge grabbing news, can't tell the players with a crib.

  30. NO they want his tax returns because he is a crook!

  31. Hey Lou, here is a litte piece piece of reasoning for you and all Fox viewers:
    1. The people are the sovereign in a democracy and NOT THE PRESIDENT.
    2. Transparency is neccesary so that the people as the sovereign are able to overwatch the goverment .
    So if america is a denocracy the people deserve to know what happens in the oval office and Lou Dobbs is just wrong

  32. 2:43 – I remember the 60's when democrats were in power. Lied to us about Vietnam. Forced us to fight.

  33. Love how Trump supporters argue this impeachment is a sham and all they have is hearsay and no direct knowledge, but yet they drag this impeachment hearing longer by blocking any people who have direct knowledge from testifying. If Trump wants this impeachment to end, then what is the point in stonewalling and obstructing?? Better yet, why not have Trump show up to clear his own name?? Let the facts speaks for themselves.

  34. He needs to testify in a court of law and not Congress.

  35. What about "attorney/client privilege"?

  36. An Obama appointee that was on the long list for SCOTUS. Also related by marriage to Paul Ryan.
    How could she have come to any other determination?

  37. Foreign Nationals of illegals must be removed from USA Census of Naturalization. The illegals never will be USA population and this legal executive order must be sent to UNGA, UNICEF, UNESCO, WHO, UNHRC, UNHRW.

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