Juggling act! Renshaw's fancy fielding dismisses Wade

Matthew Wade was dismissed after some teamwork on the boundary by Matthew Renshaw and Tom Banton – a catch that falls within the Laws of Cricket after a 2013 update


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  1. Law should be changed back. Once you land outside the rope, any subsequent parry should be deemed to have been made outside the boundary unless both feet have returned to the field of play in the meantime.

  2. Renshaw looks like Son-Heung-min🤔

  3. This is madness, how this can be a valid catch, by this a player can be out even if hits a six 5 rows back of the boundary rope

  4. This is not out according to the ICC rules. The last touch that a player makes before catching the ball has to be inside the playing field. Here, it was outside.

  5. That is not a clean catch, the fielder was already outside the boundary when ball was still in play. That just makes having fielders inside a boundary rope meaningless.

  6. Nice presence of mind renshaw❤️❤️👏👏👏👏

  7. The bottom line is, that under the current rules, this was a legitimate catch and is out. People can disagree and carry on, but frankly their comments are irrelevant. Let's move on.


  9. The rules want be consider seriously

  10. Not out! Why change the rule.
    Go watch Aus Vs Eng 2014 first ODI. Skip to the back end of England's innings.

  11. All the credit goes to the Genius Renshaw for manipulating his own strategy.

  12. In my opinion its NOT OUT
    B'Coz in the second attempt though he was in the air he jumped from behind the ropes he should have come into the playing area then jumped midair to take the catch. It is like keeping a fielder in the crowd so that he could catch the ball and then throw it back into the play area. The umpires must be nuts,even the players also not to mention the ICC .

  13. Thats out if a player go and sit with crowd and Bataman hit the six he jump and throw back the fielder's than what icc can out him

  14. BBL is now a joke for me 😂

  15. That was clearly a six. Big mistake by 3rd umpire

  16. All I knew was no part of one's body should be on the ground while taking a catch beyond the boundary. He's actually in the air. And he didn't go beyond the boundary before touching the ball from inside. I think the law makes sense.

  17. If Virat Kohli was placed of wade, then it would had been definitely six

  18. It is a Six. Poor umpiring

  19. It should be Six. If he throws the ball to other fielders for catch after returning from outside of the roap. That I mean to say you can't sent the ball when you last step inside the boundary. So any how you have to land one part of the body inside the boundary line.

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