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Justice Democrat To Primary Joe Manchin

Justice Democrat To Primary Joe Manchin

Support West Virginia progressive Paula Jean Swearengin, the challenger to corporate Democrat Joe Manchin, at: https://www.paulajean2018.com/

And for more progressive primary challengers stay tuned to: http://www.justicedemocrats.com

Corporate Democrat Joe Manchin might as well be a Republican. It’s time to fight back. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below. http://www.tytnetwork.com/join

“Joe Manchin, the Senate’s most conservative and Donald Trump-friendly Democrat, is facing a primary challenger. Paula Swearengin, a coal miner’s daughter and environmental activist, plans to run for the senator’s West Virginia seat in the 2018 Democratic primary election.

Manchin is now facing opponents from the left and the right. West Virginia Republican Representative Evan Jenkins announced on Monday that he will run against the senator in 2018. Manchin has supported most of president’s cabinet picks, and voted in line with the president’s agenda more often than not—and more than any other Senate Democrat. That could help him win re-election in a state that Trump won by double digits in November, but it has also made Manchin a top target of the activist left at a time when progressives are calling for all-out opposition to the president.”*

Read more here: https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2017/05/joe-manchin-bernie-sanders-primary-challenge-west-virginia-senate-2018/525918/

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  1. That a hard feel so bad for you

  2. she's pro-abortion. no thanks from WV.

  3. African Americans you have been loyal to the Democrat Party 97% of the time don't throw your vote away. demand the JD to address the issues that affect your community your pocketbook don't let these hijackers take over the Democrat Party now..

  4. Kick Joe out because he is a two face clown .

  5. Question: Is Obama a democratic corporatist or a progressive, and is he going back to his original roots via his Obama Foundation Initiative by empowering the new generation?

  6. Burn the Manchin down.

  7. This is real politics, like parliamentary politics where people run on policy, regardless of what their background is.

  8. watch Joe manchin pull off a Joe Lieberman.

  9. Her talking about the mountains almost made me cry

  10. I would run for office too, if Bernie Sanders gave me a hug.

  11. West Virginia, you all need to vote for this women. She cares about and truly knows what you are going through.

  12. If the government leadership, as it claims, truly wants to help coal miners – they would provide tax incentives for clean energy enterprise to set up in coal mining states and train/hire ex coal miners. Stop using the misery of hard working people and actually do something that would improve our lives. You stupid assholes.

  13. Vicente Fox for president! really.

  14. the DNC is going to come after her HARD.

  15. in b4 Sam Seder defends Joe Manchin.

  16. But guys you can't have solar where the Sun don't shine!

  17. But aren't Underground MINORS making A-Merica Great Again…and shit?

  18. That was a great speech by Paula Jean.

  19. What do you plan to do about super-delegates? Or are they not a factor this time? forgive me I don't entirely understand the US system

  20. I will give her all I can every month

  21. I can't wait for him to lose lol donating to jean

  22. She is keeping it real. I am with TYT. Keep corporate money TF out of politics. And vote the people TF out if they accept corporate money.

  23. hey tyt, can we have like a monthly tyt video to remind us of all the justice deocrats running between now and 2018?
    I think it'll be useful for folks like me

  24. Compassionate, charming, and proud Appalachian woman! If I was from WV I'd vote for her.

  25. TYT how about you give us the policies that Ms Jean will run on, thats the important stuff, or that she is part of the Brand New Congress movement. Instead, quotes, snippets of stuff we can find on youtube anyway.

  26. She's so passionate about what she stands for, and she's been through a lot of real life circumstances.  She's the kind of person we need in Washington.  If I were in her district, I'd definitely give her my vote!

  27. Remember, his daughter was the woman who raise the price of the Epipen to $600 each for no reason other than blatant GREED thereby endangering people with allergies because she made them unaffordable except for the rich and feckless. Remember her company had done NOTHING to improve the product, they just raised the price. This is Joe Manson's daughter.

  28. Send money to Paula Jean! send soon as she files and becomes legally able to run!

  29. watch blood on the Mountain on Netflix nuf said

  30. I'm glad my state finally has a real candidate interested in help WV not lining their pockets

  31. Yasss! High five lady! Let's do this!!!

  32. Great job TYT!! Let's get rid of that hack!!

  33. living in Germany and benefiting from a health care for all regardless of your employment status , i cant imagine anything more better than this , where kids are insured till 25 health insurance under their parents .. A view at America i can only really ask myself ,do you people really understand what the need for health care is!! health care in america is been so politicized , i just hoope american start waking and start buying into progressive ideas and thoughts !!! I really would love to support people that think in this direction ,my question, can a foreigner also donate to progressive democarats ??

  34. I believe the great poet Booker T once said: Joe Manchin, we comin for you nigga!

  35. You can't even stand up to the DNC! What are you talking about we need more voices like that. Hillary would have fracked the hell out of West Virginia and you're her butt boyz

  36. We need this lady in my town! The Sunoco pipeline is being built a mile away from a major stream/creek that supplies drinking water in (North Middleton Twp) Carlisle, PA. It seems like no one gives a shit around here.

  37. What you Yanks want clean water, clean air, a non crooked president….. you want everything LOL

  38. Who wants to place a wager that whoever Cenk wants to run against Manchin will lose. "Justice Democrats" are barely a fad, will accomplish nothing, and be forgotten even quicker

  39. Jobs don't mean a damn thing if you become disabled or chronically ill because of toxins in your surroundings.

  40. She got my money and my support all way from California

  41. yall need captions on those videos!!!

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