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Justice John Roberts Calls His Impeachment Role ‘Ill Defined’ After Trump Acquitted | NBC News

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts makes his closing statements after President Trump was acquitted on articles of impeachment.
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Justice John Roberts Calls His Impeachment Role ‘Ill Defined’ After Trump Acquitted | NBC News


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  1. What does he say when it sounds like “siny die”

  2. The American Democrats are done. We the people will settle this come November!!!

  3. This is how the system works but in the opposite for black americans ….. what court case have you ever heard of not calling witnesses or evidence ,,,bout a bunch of bs

  4. when good people do nothing…

  5. Given that no crime was committed.

  6. Thank you for making it live for watching the president's NBC. I will still vote Trump 2020.

  7. Week as judge no witnesses what can of judge are u.

  8. Impeach Justice Roberts for cowardice and incompetence. He presided over a trial he surely knows was not a trial.

  9. Is Mitch McConnell all there in the head

  10. America is the new RUSSIA

  11. REALITY… NO evidence examined, NO witnesses called = NO IMPEACHMENT TRIAL = NO ACQUITTAL

  12. Nancy is still there tearing up the papers and angrily scribbling on them with Crayons.

  13. a speech more appropriately given by an polite, articulate, and erudite house guest than an arbiter of justice in an impeachment trial.

  14. Stay out of the way. You did just fine.

  15. Did I miss something? Was there a motion to censure voted on or not? 🤨

  16. How can anyone even say this was a trial 😠

  17. Elephant in the room never showed.At least Peanuts knows when he is dead.More to come America can hope.Great job just like on Hot Bench.

  18. Votes from Rogue Senators
    Salvage Trump.

  19. Hey there mitch you look so pleased with your self. You have proved your self as a bag of excrement.

  20. This is bigger than Trump! The power of the billion-dollar underworld is in control.

  21. Justice Robert's has lost all legitimacy

  22. High court judge disgusting. You should be disbarred for not declaring a mistrial. The trial was a farce from start to finish. O I forgot you are a republican.

  23. Mitch: “On behalf of the senate, we relinquish our power as a coequal branch of government to our messiah and his holiness Trump thy king to do whatever thy please hence forward. “

  24. Trump needs to be always remembered with a full size portrait in both the Capitol and White House picturing Trump blindfolded and against a wall.

  25. the last life boat: just turned over. Bleak America . frightening.

  26. "You can commit injustice by doing nothing." Marcus Aurelius.

  27. Today was the day democracy died

  28. I found one big mistake by him
    ..Rand Paul's question.
    The American people need to know who the accuser is!

  29. John Roberts makes me sick🤢

  30. After today America have no moral authority to tell anybody about rule of law. R. I. P USA very sad 💯

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