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Justin Bieber and Schmidt’s Naturals Team Up on a Natural Deodorant

The natural deodorant movement has accrued mile-long waitlists, healed underarm rashes, and won over haters. Now, it’s crossed over into pop culture stardom. Schmidt’s Naturals, the maker of natural deodorants in scents like Moon Flower and Waves, has collaborated with Justin Bieber on a new natural deo of his own.

Bieber announced the partnership with an Instagram photo, which featured him posing with his arms splayed straight out, God-like; it’s clear that there is no body odor emanating from his tattooed pits.

Here’s what we know so far: The deodorant will be named Here + Now, and it’s launching in the fall. There’s no information yet on what the scent will be, but Bieber has released a few fragrances in the past and those scents included honeysuckle, bergamot, pear, and other sweet, woodsy combos.

For now, though, Bieber fans will have to make do with knowing that a Belieber-approved deodorant is coming soon. In the comments section, fans are taking energy for their king and applying it to natural deodorant.

“Yes, Justin, collaborating with a cruelty- and aluminum-free natural brand, we stan,” wrote one account-user.

Pop stars working to make clean beauty more popular and accessible? We stan.

Some natural deodorants to try while you’re waiting:

Now, watch three makeup artists turn a model into a Van Gogh painting:


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