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Justin Bieber Anne Frank House Comment Sparks Outrage

Justin Bieber hoped Anne Frank would be a ‘belieber.’ Justin visited the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam shadow boxing in the basement. Subscribe! http://bit.ly/10cQZ5j

Starring Bonnie Fuller
Starring William Earl


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Justin Bieber Anne Frank Belieber

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  1. Asshole 😠😠😠😠😠

  2. Shoot who knows she could of Been a big fan of mine too I heard she into acting so he's not lying about that she wanted to be a actor and play write so it would make sense she be interested but yea shout out to anne frank and yea she would of definitely like me 😉 you guys need to understand everyone is different I can say she has been through he'll but she did have interest in the arts which is why I respect her. I don't respect people who can talk shet about him and talk about her struggle like wtf why u wanna remember a girl dying in a camp. Why can't we remember the dirty jokes she wrote (ohhh bet u didn't know she was into dirty jokes) her views on relationships and other things we all do she I can say is prob just like him so you interviewers and commenter who are the moral police please shut up ahahaha yaa played yourself and like I said she would def be a fine of mine cause being a fan of riza is being a fan of yourself

  3. He's just being self-centred (not that it is an excuse)! Look at me folks – she may have been a Belieber <——self, self, self! The guy needs to be educated on the fact that the world doesn't revolve around him!


  5. 6 million, you mean like 600 million!!!

  6. He is a very shallow person ! It’s all about himself !!!!!😡😡😡

  7. I remember this one time I was watching a movie with my parents and brother and my dad said at the scary part to pretend the scary thing was Justin beiber singing and then I said that would make it worse! XD

  8. 0:36
    What the fuck. Stop it. Get some help

  9. Guys Anne frank died when she was 15 like if you won't to see her

  10. Justin Bieber,Anna Franck is not your friend and never be…ok?

  11. He’s such a dick head it’s all about him Justin you twat I’m crying because I care I’m 11 yrs old and I’m crying THIS IS SERIOUS DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THE HOLOCOST NO YOU DONT THATS JUST FUCKING DISRESPECTFUL

  12. I blame his inbred prostitute mother for birthing this filthy inbred.

  13. hey buddy, you might want to rethink of what you mean by "nice guy" and "means well"..

  14. i do not like Justin bieber but i do not hate him he didnt know much . i hate how rude this world can be i respect ann frank she deserved much better her family as well however this world has hatred . which is horrible because this world needs more love and adults dont know that and teens like me should show what loving the world means and taking care of it . I hope the one who died in the concentration camps are well in heaven and are reunited with there loved ones and anne frank with her family🙏

  15. "It doesn't look great." Way to lay you asses on the line.

  16. Has Justin ever picked up a history book?

  17. He prob doesn't even know who's Ann…. Or perhaps he doesn't even know who's Hitler.. Only a dumb ignorant person like him.

  18. There's an old saying "Ignorance can be educated. Crazy can be medicated. But there is no cure for stupid. "

  19. What do you expect….he's a kid that has never suffered.

  20. Bieber is such a fucking cocksucker!😵😵😵

  21. He 's narcissistic like all musicians are. The world revolves around them and their music and I know. Two years I was in an relationship with a musician, he was also very. abusive on top of having everything revolve around his music. Naturally he would not have cared about Anne Frank.

  22. Really " I hope she would've been a belieber" THATS WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY? You're a pathetic piece of shit with your saggy pants.

  23. LOL! I do t think he even knows who Anne Frank is

  24. You know… Justin Beiber is alright with me now.

  25. Bieber is a dick head btw Anne frank was not shiped away to a camp the nazis found and killed every Jew inside. It is up to debate what actually heappened but the version I herd I think makes the most sense

  26. She would have been older now if she was alive,he wasn't alive back when Anne was alive. He is so stupid! The Anne Frank house is a sacred Place!

  27. it's okay he's a fuckboy all fuckboys die in an overdose just what's going to happen he's going to die of an overdose

  28. He's Canadian, what do you expect?

  29. As terrible as that comment was the comments on that post were as a whole "Who is this Anne Frank girl? Why is he going to her house? Why can't he come to my house?"

  30. Fuck off Justin, you disrespectful piece of shit.

  31. Anne Frank hide for two years with her family and four other people before being betrayed by an unknown source, its deeply sad for what happened to her, she didn't live to be sixteen.

  32. Not a great time to make a joke Justin Bieber…

  33. He needs to have the experience of Anne Frank

  34. omg i read all the diary and know all a bout the holocaust since second grade
    and who plays around in that very serious place
    no offense

  35. Justin mcfaggot bieber can suck a fat one

  36. Justin's a stupid dick head………….. Nuff said.

  37. the presenter looks like an older anne frank


  39. so typical of Justin . typical ass**Le.

  40. I think that justin shold pay attention to school more fortm

  41. He didn't mean to be mean everyone makes mistakes

  42. Justin is a fucking prick. He only thinks about him self. You dont say such things or write that down in a geust book. He is a focking wanker. You dont write such things while you are in a museum about World War 2. I wanna facking kill him now

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