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Justin Bieber Covers Taylor Swift 'I Knew You Were Trouble'

Justin Bieber Covers Taylor Swift 'I Knew You Were Trouble'

Justin Bieber covers Taylor Swift ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ in a new snapchat video with DJ pal Martin Garrix.

Starring Hannah Loesch and Cailin Loesch

Produced by @yasminmohaideen

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  1. No comparison, Taylor Swift is the best

  2. He should sing I CAME IN LIKE A WRECKING BALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. A clip of 10 seconds made me love him

  4. Those hater just say their idol is better than Taylor
    Bitch hater

  5. People saying who did what better but I'm just here saying they all SLAAAAY

  6. This is my favorite Lostprophets song.

  7. Justin sings it better than Taylor and Ed does too πŸ˜‚

  8. Taylor Swift must sue Justin!

  9. Jb's voice 😍😍😍

  10. The info is funny but I'm not going to recommend it to friends bc these girls are so annoying please don't let them into videos!

  11. he actually sung it better. so did ed…sawry Taylor

  12. 1.Elige un cantante
    2.Cierra la boca
    3.Pega esto en 4 videos
    4.Escucha tu voz

  13. Justin better than Taylor 😍😍😍

  14. Justin is a young legend, his voice is out of this world. So much talent and greatness. He so much deserves all he has accomplished.

  15. better than the orginal justin very talented

  16. Ed is the best no one can beat him

  17. Stop riding his ass to make him like you cuz he never will lol

  18. Justin and Ed are way better singers than T-Swift sorry it had to be said. Is it to late now to say sorry?

  19. Die, bitches! HollywoodLife is the gayest and most annoying of them all!

  20. i would LOVE these videos to be longer

  21. didn't they used to hate each other due to him dating Taylor's best friend aka Selena Gomez ?

  22. Justin's is great. We want more. Also, here's the link to Ed's amazing full performance of this song if you haven't heard it before: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JzYZNbffE_s

  23. Justin and eds Are such blessings. Need a Full Version.

  24. I just wish these videos were a little longer

  25. Ed sheeran just nailed it.

  26. Justin's Cover is the best ❀❀❀😍😍😍😍😍

  27. I don't like Justin but he did it better than Taylor πŸ˜… but Ed did the best cover πŸ‘Œ

  28. No seriously these girls make me wanna not watch and unsubscribe

  29. As soon as I saw this on Martins snapchat I knew you would do a video on this

  30. Ed Sheeran and Justin. My favourite singers ❀️

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