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Justin Bieber Crashes Selena Gomez 21st Birthday Party With Single Red Rose

Justin Bieber Crashes Selena Gomez 21st Birthday Party With Single Red Rose

Selena Gomez had her big 21st birthday party and Justin Bieber arrived after midnight with a single red rose and then took the birthday girl home after some serious PDA. Taylor Swift meanwhile didn’t even attend. Subscribe! http://bit.ly/10cQZ5j

Starring Eleanore Hutch
Starring Chloe Melas


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  1. Justin And Selena Is So Sexy

  2. Selena Gomez Justin Bieber Kelly party Taylor's thoughts previous her profile XD she justified problems speak people would be good couple? jasmine say sorrow January. Sorry okay people there will!

  3. no I don't think Taylor Swift is dissing Selena Gomez

  4. Awwww❤️😻

    Jelena forever❤️😘

  5. I sort of agree with chloe

  6. It is so romantic…. What r these girls talking about

  7. TAYLOR SWIFT is tired of off again on again relationships!? Wooowwww

  8. Jelena should come back they still do love each other

  9. I think it's sweet that Justin showed up with a rose bc we all know that Justin loves Selena will all of his heart

  10. i love how chloe does the puke face as if she isnt a grown woman stalking a teenage romance.

  11. soldiers expand me icy and ng Ashland inch coal

  12. i dont understand, how do people know that he got kicked out……. weren't they together, if they were why would she kick him out …….. can anyone please explain it to me…..I love you justin

  13. I think they were ment to become husband and wife


  15. Are you serious?! Selena Gomez had melt downs when they broke up?!?? Umm how about: when a fan wanted to Selena to sign a magazine and Selena out a X on his face, Justin trying to hold back the tears when he sang be alright and nothing like us at his concert, while Selena went out and partied the night they broke up and Justin looked ruined in his suit, Justin dedicated so much kind songs about her while she made a song throwing shade on Justin, the video of Selena laughing at Justin when he cried, Selena slapping him in public, Justin sadly Walked away when she kicked him out of her house. And Selena is the one breaking up with him constantly for no reason and when she broke up with him for texting Jasmine V, aka his close friend since he was 16. And people say how Justin doesn't deserve Selena and how he's a bad influence and she's better off without him…

  16. JB needs to leave Selena Gomez alone

  17. seriously a red rose get something romantic where is your sense of humour for romance justin

  18. i wouldnlove to be at her birthday's she is like my biggest fan

  19. иσт ¢σσℓ ʝυѕтιи

  20. cheesy and not cool to come to her party and not invited

  21. justin bieber need to come he loves selena gomez

  22. eli rose shut up because you only got 1friend and justin got more 1,4637464739185)& 404-538-8989 78987478775 63784746378993_88567645664785 so next time you talk read this

  23. Lana Julie you need to shut the fuck up because your a bitch you just mad because justin don't like you don't get up in third place bitch I'm sick of you and these bitched posted and things like back the fuck off, of him dam

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