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Justin Bieber Disses The Weeknd After Grammys 2017 – VIDEO

Daily Bieber: Justin Bieber disses The Weeknd after Grammys 2017. Plus Justin posts a pic of lips from his ex.

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Starring Ali Stagnitta

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  2. I love justin ♥♥♥♥
    He is so talented ♥♥

  3. Fuck Bieber The Weeknd took his bitch and he's all mad now

  4. XO all day fuck bieber. I just took youre chick and i know u feeling someway

  5. omg haha😅 i love justin bieber so much❤

  6. Lemonade was not monumental soda album was monumental,I wanted to cry when I heard it …

  7. I just came here because I was listening to The Weeknd.

  8. haters gonna say that shit is wack

  9. Weekend sounds the same all the time.

  10. justin is nice but he was just playing.

  11. We all had our hopes up on Jelena. Until The Weeknd came along and punched some sense outta Justin. We don't know if Selena is truly over Justin, or maybe this is just her way of showing Justin how she felt about Justin being with Hailey and Sofia, also some other random girls. Not throwing shade at Selena, but I think Selena MIGHT be using Abel, and she might be using him for a good cause. If she is then it's working because Justin is definitely jealous. When TMZ reporters ask Selena about Justin being jealous, she said thats good and she doesn't mind Justin throwing a bit of shade at Abel or her. In the end it will all come up to Selena. My opinion, Justin. They have so much history together and they have beautiful memories of each other. More than Abel has with Selena. Everytime Selena is with someone else, people always said she was over Justin or she might be pregnant. Mostly with Zedd, Abel and some other famous guys I don't remember. This always happens with Selena, people always think she is gonna get married or pregnant, but guess what? It always ends up going downhill. Except with Justin, they were together for such a long time and as Justin and Selena said, it was just the wrong time. Believe me, if they met last year or now, they would be even more than 2011 Jelena. That's just my opinion, What do you guys think, Justin or Abel?

  12. GOD we will give u back bieber if u give us back TUPAC!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Justin Its Over man, theres no more chances Selenas gone forever this time yes it hurts but its the truth

  14. Justin is turning biter cause he knows Selena finally getting the dick she deserve 😂 xo

  15. Justin Moved into Selena's way to young, Selena wanted marriage, way to young ,Patty was against it, Justin Moved out Thank God and Selena was forever getting Jealous… no good! Justin Run Sweetie Run to the nearest Sweetheart!!

  16. Who's is watching this Now?

  17. The Adele joke was so stupid that it was actually funny. Does he have a future in stand up comedy? Perhaps no, but it sure as hell made me laugh – and what he posted a picture of the lips of a friend. Let that shit be. What is the point of "digging to see what his motive were" – why and how does that even matter? As for his favorite song quip? So what, if he's being petty. Who isn't? This entire report was 1:55 minutes of wasted air time.

  18. jestin biber e selena gomez por vafor voltam a namorar voçes vazem um belo par é tudo que eu voz pedo obrigada💖✌👍🎤🎤

  19. I taught justin has grown up…

  20. he's jealous coz he knows dam well Abel better than him!! wish he'd crawl under a rock and stay there. he doesn't deserve fame.. unprofessional rude asshole.

  21. he didn't diss the weekend lol he was just joking

  22. Justin cracking up after it has me dying😂🤓

  23. Im here for the pettiness🤑

  24. So when Justin does this IN A SARCASTIC WAY, he needs to move on but when she stalks his IG to comment about his relationship it isn't? Hypocrites.

  25. Justin is the best😅

  26. Justin Bieber straight rude asf here

  27. Man. he Is Amazing 😂😂😂😂Weeknd #Sucks

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