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Justin Bieber Falls Down A Hill While Hiking

Daily Bieber: Justin Bieber falls down a hill while hiking in LA. Plus – Justin gets indicted for allegedly ordering a paparazzi beatdown in Argentina in 2013.

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  1. I hope he slips off a steep mountain and dies! 😡

  2. I'm on Justins side he has done nothing wrong

  3. It's so cute how Justin Bieber is so clumsy😇😂

  4. They should let this Kid be

  5. That place is trouble he just needs to stop going there because whenever he goes there something always happens

  6. Wow, Hollywood life. This is news?

  7. I hope he is okay after that fall


  9. I hope that little turd has finally fucked up to the point that he can't get away from prison. Argentina is one of the last places I would want to be locked up. He might never get out of there. I don't see him falling, I just see him sliding in sand. I'm sure many others have fallen there but there were no photographers there to capture their fall. Pathetic turd.

  10. please watch my first vídeo in my channel, i Just wanna get your opinion

  11. Justin Bieber life ❤❤❤❤❤❤😍

  12. why do people blame Justin for everything

  13. omg good thing he did not got kill

  14. I really hope this all blows over. I mean six years in prison just because he allegedly told them to beat someone up and they listened. It was 3 years ago and they are just now bringing this up??? Just goes to show that certain people would rather see you fall from your highest point in life than rather let the past be the past and move on. I'm praying for Justin though.

  15. I think he's innocent but for sure am not going to like the video.

  16. hiking is for real humans who are in touch with mother nature not for alternate reality specimens of this century

  17. He is so fucking clumsy 😂😂 it's adorable tho and I hope he is okay!

  18. they're brining up trash from 3 years ago

  19. looks like he dabbed when he was falling

  20. he's so adorable when he runs, and yeah he is just beautiful, love him so so much❤❤

  21. Love you Justin so much

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