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Justin Bieber Gets Shocking Full Sleeve Rose Tattoo

Justin Bieber Gets Shocking Full Sleeve Rose Tattoo

Justin Bieber gets a new tattoo, a full sleeve with a rose patten. This isn’t Justin’s first tattoo, but it is his most dramatic. Subscribe! http://bit.ly/10cQZ5j

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  1. Not errythin bout dhat clout seekin bitch

  2. Justin needs help.His mental. I hope he does not crack up .His mom should really sit down with him and have a heart to heart talk with him.His actions are not of a Christian.Sorry Justin.

  3. i was a little confused by the thumbnail because it looked a little like an operating room! 😀 xD XD

  4. I love you justin bieber 💖 💖 💖 👄 💟 💟 💗 💗

  5. tattoos don't have to mean shit why does everyone have that assumption

  6. qualcuno ha un vero numero di justin bieber ma nn finto magari

  7. It's not for Selena boooooo No😒😒😒😡😡😡🙄

  8. Wwwwwwwwwwwwooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww

  9. I get the fact that Justin's not over Selena but I don't think the tattoos are for her though just because Justin brought a rose to her 21st birthday doesn't mean that he would get a rose tattoo on his arm I mean I get that it could've been a special day for him but I don't think Justin would do something like that a guy can just like roses and the other tattoos I think are so Justin can gain more swag or to really showcase who he is cause I think that's what that Believe that to was for to tell the fact that Justin really does care about his career

  10. Can come it is not going to keep it if you want to make it is too soon

  11. These two bitches are stupid!


  13. justin sucks but he has awesome tattoos

  14. i don't know why but i really don't like the feeling that i feel everytime when they talk about Justin and Selena.
    (remember guys i said I DON'T KNOW WHY!!! don't be mad at me if you are a fan of Jelena.)

  15. I think that tattoo looks good

  16. Justin Bieber: eats cheesecake
    Media: Justin Bieber is seen eating the same cheesecake he ate with ex girlfriend Selena Gomez, clearly not over her.

  17. Why do they always say everything Justin does involves her!

  18. Some other guy in the world: Damn no one talked about my tattoo… But what's the big deal about getting a tattoo that they have to talk about it like it's big news?

  19. shocking? Do you know how many people (including celebs) get tattoos? Yall made this video cause you are running out of ideas on what to talk about -_-
    And when something is about Justin you try to find a way to bring it back to selena. same for selena, you always bring it back to Justin…  ( >-<)

  20. I met justin and selena in grand prarie tx a few years ago back when biebers hair was still forward and he would suing his head sideways too fix his hair lol we played football for a while with bieber n some od his freinds it was for thanks giveing day selena just stayed stareing at me she didnt know who i was im freinds with her cuzin…

  21. Hey Beliebers, think your JB is so tough because he has a few tattoos?
    Go look at rockstars, pop-punk, punk-rock and metal guys and tell me what you think then!
    Andy Hurley from FOB has covered his entire body basically in tattoos

  22. WHO CARES. Is this what the media talks about now… Celeb tats?

  23. Who steel likes Justin biebeir💩

  24. Wow that's your job?? Fuck I couple of skanks talking about Justin's get a real life and profession

  25. Omg! Justin is so……………

  26. Putas hablan pura estupidez 😂😭😂✌️👊

  27. Shut the f*** up he is awesome

  28. i think the tattoo is for selena gomez and justin bieber still in love with her

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