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Justin Bieber & Rihanna: Total Posers?

Justin Bieber & Rihanna dissed by Jake Phelps of Thrasher and said to be appropriating skater culture. Plus – Demi Lovato wants to collaborate with Justin.

Starring Ali Stagnitta

Produced by @ginoorlandini

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  1. Girly you are crimging the hell out of me stop talking about stuff you dont realize

  2. This chick actually annoyed me more than people wearing thrasher for fashion…

  3. We don’t want our shit Turing into a hype beast brand, skating is were we keep our shit at not hype beast shit. plus yes there both poser, if people could get it through there head that, if you don’t skate you don’t wear thrasher, simple as that.

  4. I don't trust this orange

  5. I skate almost everyday of my life ( been for abt 5 years ) and im kinda scared about wearing thrasher because people would think im a poser while im actually not

  6. This bitch is annoying I hope this bitch dies

  7. Justin Bieber isn’t a musician either

  8. Why am I here

    Talking about terrible musicians

  9. This chick has no clue what she is talking about Jake Phelps keeping it real. Posers get no love from the real skaters

  10. Wears thrasher doesn't know what a skateboard is

  11. Hollywood life somehow took an L for this video

  12. Fuck off man, it's about these people appropriating the culture not skating. It's about the guys who stick their fingers in something they're not a part of

  13. What pisses me off more than posers wearing Thrasher is the hundreds of examples I have seen in high street shops like H&M ripping off the Thrasher brand…
    Basic cunts like this are taking the soul out of a brand built on passion for the lifestyle.

  14. bro fuck this lady. bitch needs some fucking dick in her life man. we as skaters dont need people ruining Thrasher like everyone else. i cant even wear fucking supreme anymore because it a "fashion Trend". man why do people not repect history and skating culture??

  15. they dont get the real shit singing is for every body thrasher built it self up as a team and represents skating and all those fuckers that dont even know what thrasher is were it lol fuck those hypesters and hypsters and fuck bitches bruh go skating or go biking two days ago was go skate day yeew

  16. shut the fuck up you bitch thrasher is the realist shit and those fucking clows can fuck off they're the biggest posers ur a scrub if you shit on jake phelps

  17. Anyone can wear thrasher. phelper is just reminding them that wearing thrasher doesn't make them notable skaters. the spot light should be on the people who throw themselves down stairs every day trying to get good footage.

  18. 1:24 this bitch retarded he can barely ollie a 3 stair smh and barely do the easiest flip trick ever a varial flip smfuckingh

  19. justin actually skates but rihanna has no fucking clue about skateboarding

  20. Obviously this stupid bitch has JB posters.

  21. if you wear thrasher and dont skate, dont fucking rep it, because if you see someone wearing thrasher and you skate, you expect that person repping it to skate, amirite? You dont flex something that you dont fucking do. Simple a that, and no, its not JUST A SHIRT. ever heard of sentimental value?

  22. it's bullshit why can't we just have our one fucking thing to show that we skate without celebrities trying to make it "fashion" I don't want any goons wearing thrasher

  23. Justin is a poser because he obviously skates to get attention and Rihanna is a poser bitch she makes fun of other people for their clothing by she wears poser suit herself

  24. Fuck Rihanna, but Justin, he ain't no poser, I say no one should wear Thrahser till you're in the magazine, but he skates, you gotta at least give him that, I skate, but I don't wear Thrasher because it turned into this.

  25. kooks wearing thrasher needs to end. Fuck this bitch

  26. Don't talk shit about Jake phelps he is a god

  27. wendy don't know shit about skating

  28. We don't want y'all fucking hypebeasts turning thrasher into a hype brand just like you all did to supreme

  29. I mean more people are buying it so just count your money and shut the fuck up 😂

  30. please stop wearing thrasher hoodies non skaters!

  31. "just relax dude" this bitch knows nothing ha h a

  32. Honestly idgaf about people wearing thrasher shit. Its chill and shit. I'm a skater and I fucking love thrasher and transworld. Its a mag for skating. If they were saying they're hesh skaters and shit that would be a different story. Like if they said "Oh i read the mag and im hella hesh and all i do is skate" Id be pissed of then

  33. es en el asfalto donde esta la buena mierda. sangre y costras hay algo mas real que eso
    trhasher es una marca de skaters reales que dan todo por ser el mejor, no para payasos cantantes posers

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