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Justin Trudeau Addresses Brownface Photo: ‘It Was Something Racist To Do’ | NBC News

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau responded to a 2001 photo that surfaced which apparently showed him with a darkened face for a costume party. Trudeau apologized for the incident and acknowledged the action was “racist.”
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Justin Trudeau Addresses Brownface Photo: ‘It Was Something Racist To Do’ | NBC News


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  1. "its hard to say… something that started decades ago and was applauded and inoffensive is now politically incorrect… what can you do?"
    -lisa simpson

  2. St. Justin the Brownface, King of SJW's with no actual virtue. 🙄

  3. Hmm. So someone at some point did or said something racist in their past? NOO WAI

  4. The only way not to offend someone is not to live. Political Correctness has gone way too far. It was a costume party 18 years ago, an Alladin costume! Get over it people! I believe Trudeau was not racist here. Hypersensitivity is attacking the freedom to be human in both Canada and the US. Having to apologize for being human is ridiculous. My only criticism of Trudeau is his liberal political ideologies which have helped lead to this kind of nonsense.

  5. This is why I can't get into politics a bunch of hypocrites that will say anything just to gain power. And the way they talk… my god, just professional bullshitting. He literally answered every question exactly with the same response. "I'm deeply sorry and deeply regret it. I'm mad at myself and will continue to fight against stuff like this to build a better future." He just kept repeating these same points over and over in different ways for every single question asked. He couldn't even answer what his colleagues said to him and gave a general, oh I'm lucky to have the supportive team that I have…. Pro bullshitter won again sigh…


  7. I'm so sorry I got caught and the media are such jerks

  8. I made brownies but im not racist

  9. NBC must be having a melt down HAHAHAHHAHAAHHA

  10. At what point does society stop? I honestly understand why we have right wing extremists groups coming out of nowhere because all these left wing people want to fix everything that they don’t believe in

  11. How come there is no controversy on the turban he wore ? Is that not just as racist ??????

  12. Black Face History is shameful and can not be condoned with election to the Highest Office in the Land…!!!

  13. This mofo will hire some Nigerian body builders and pull a "Juicy Smoyoee" what a slime ball.

  14. At least Trudeau apologized…I don't recall Harper apologizing for mocking the Natives with this costume!

  15. Hey Trudeau !  I did not go and listen to one of your campaign speeches dressed in a frog suit.

  16. 0:18 he has to hold back his smile. Completely fake apology. He then blames white people for his own personal racism. Apologizing for his racism with racism.

  17. Why are they on a plane

  18. Immediate i type "Racist" Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Pop Out WTF.

  19. "its hard to say… something that started decades ago and was applauded and inoffensive is now politically incorrect, what can you do?"

    -lisa simpson

  20. I don’t see what’s wrong with doing “Blackface”. Robert Downey Jr. did it in the film ‘Tropic Thunder’ and it was a great performance. Acting is acting, and acting means playing someone your not. That means anyone, any race. What if I wanted to act as Morgan Freeman? Stop with the BS. I’m sick of seeing scandals about people because they did “blackface” 10 OR 50 YEARS AGO. #blackface

  21. Note Trudeau wearing a blue tie for this apology instead of red, the official Liberal colour.

  22. Liberal Party of Canada aka Blackface Party of Canada.

  23. Picturing Trudeau in blackface singing the banana boat song gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Progressive's chickens coming home to roost!

  24. He doesn't get a pass from me he's still racist

  25. He looks Arabian though did he really need blackface lol

  26. the world is officially ridiculous

  27. What's the big deal ??he tried to be Middle Eastern Aladdin. Why it always happen when is time to vote

  28. He's a racist and must resign from office.

  29. Whoa slow down there Justin Trudeau your making us democrat's look bad. Remember its Trumps fault.

  30. This is why I am voting NDP, this will be my very first Federal vote; the NDP is wanting to make new change, better change from what I hear and see.

    The only reason why Trudeau was even voted in, is because of marijuana being legalized, which is honestly moronic. You should not elect someone in because of one thing. I was 17 when he was voted in, and I cannot believe as to why no one wanted the NDP elected in.

  31. Let the black folk hang this clown..or tar and feather,,this A..hole

  32. It’s funny how “whiteface” people are taking this more serious than “brownface”
    I guess the browns are desensitized to this behaviour. Pretty sad .

  33. Like a deer , caught in the headlights of a vehicle , his party & his followers are in complete denial & hypnotized in his hypocritical character !!!!!

  34. Blacks or the other side Will look for Any reason to call Racist and Resign..DONT Feed IT.

  35. Why Apologize?..Why Do you Explain yourself at all? In America We CAN Dress,Say and Dowhat we WANT its Called Freedom..If You Don’tLike it LEAVE.

  36. Keep going Justin, but don't forget to say "sorry". Trust me, the nest guy will be worse than you.

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