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K.T. McFarland reacts to John Kelly's criticism of Trump

Former Secretary of Homeland Security John kelly unleashed on Trump’s policies. 

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  1. American Jewish politicians and crooks have destroyed America.

  2. Kelly worked with Abel Danger until right after President Trump came to power. They soon parted ways and I wondered why Abel was down on him when he turned on Trump!
    Abel didn't know him as well I guess😥🤨

  3. This man Lou Dobbs is clearly stupid and deranged and doesnt care about the truth. His job is just to misinform as many trumptards as possible. Sad.

  4. Thank God for we don't have a puppet president

  5. What about the baseless facts against the President, better yet the lies

  6. These bureaucrats thought they could tame President Trump. Unfortunately for them he's a fast learner. Sucks to be them when his policies work over their 'expert' advice.

  7. Where's lawyer Joe and his wife Victoria, never have them on anymore.

  8. You are so right mcfarland,👍

  9. If you say Kelly GEN Kelly is a traitor and Gen Mattis is a Traitor you are right. They betrayed the draft dodgers club of TRUMP and Rush Limbaugh. Mr bone spurs and Mr butt cyst ….

  10. I'm confused…how can you have a job that you can't get fired or transferred from?

  11. The Border Control have arrested illegals from 140 different countries with no vetting we need a wall 2000mi. drugs, terrorism, human traffic, not to mention that AI, robots are eliminating million of jobs.

  12. They all like to jump ship and than say our. President is awlful and they more than he does

  13. Kelly is wrong defending Vindman. Vindman should be tried under the ucmj for speaking out against his commander & chief. Whom he swore to obey & follow his orders.

  14. What about Kelly not making baseless comments against Trump. I’m sorry even Nikki Haley said Kelly’s a back stabber.


  16. Hey, hey hey hey hey, you can't just call him Vindman. That's LIEUTENANT-COLONEL Vindman to you.

  17. I have always respected General Kelly, as a General & being raised in a military family I was excited about General Kelly presence within the White House, it is truly disappointing to watch his actions now, regardless if he disagrees, likes, loathes or respects President Trump. I turn to General Mattis as an example, who had disagreements with President Trump, Obama & Biden & said IF HE had known Biden was running for President he would have withheld his book being released OUT OF RESPECT, now that is how a General should act despite rumors, anonymous sources & whatever else. For the record I DID NOT agree with some of General Mattis’s strategies & he recognized his job was TO SERVE AT THE PLEASURE OF THE PRESIDENT, so he left gracefully, that I RESPECT.
    As for John Bolton, no sugar coating this, I wasn’t thrilled w/Bolton coming in. True he was better than McMaster & I appreciated him siding w/Trump as a Fox News analysts. Let’s be real here, Bolton never has been America 1St on foreign policy, he was a Bush lackey (true so is Barr, but Barr has proved himself more so than Kavanaugh or Bolton ever has), the more Bolton pushed, the more divided, the more leaks, war, seemed on the horizon- when Bolton was ousted there seemed to be a major sigh. I have my suspicions Bolton was placed in the NSC on purpose by neocon haters, call me a conspiracy theorist but look what happened basically under his watch.. UkraineGate, North Korean was sabotaged, Iran – just saying, Just saying, was McMaster really worse? Well McMaster most likely set it all up, while Bolton lit the fire. Who WE REALLY NEED IS GENERAL MICHAEL FLYNN! That’s who needs to be in their rightful position!

  18. It makes me wonder what these two are up to. Are they protecting someone or are they dirty? Makes a person wonder…

  19. HAHA…….john kelly is TRUMP's "x"………read x as in "ex"…….as in "ex wife"> lmao.

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  23. Bolton didn't like the fact that Trump didn't want to start a war with Iran and John Bolton did. That was the disagreement that got Bolton fired.

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