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Kamala Harris STUNS William Barr

Kamala Harris STUNS William Barr

Kamala Harris wasn’t going to let William Barr off the hook when questioning him. Cenk Uygur, Ramesh Srinivasan, and Brooke Thomas, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT: https://go.tyt.com/q9y

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“Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) after questioning Attorney General Bill Barr at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing: “This Attorney General lacks all credibility and has I think compromised the American public’s ability to believe that he is a purveyor of justice.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ramesh Srinivasan, Brooke Thomas

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ramesh Srinivasan, Brooke Thomas


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  1. Kamala Harris has that bitch resting face which you just don't wanna be roasted by

  2. I love Kamala Harris and am voting for her. She has fire/passion for justice and brings dignity to the office.

  3. What'd she do, get out from under his desk?

  4. YOung Turks…such a stupid bunch of turds….worthless nonsense and weak minded liberal ignorance….she got him so bad…I think He played her traitor ass by not giving her a complete answer at all, and nothing came out of the shameful hearing at all. The left is so arrogant & ignorant, and you all are the worst. Just a bunch of idiots , flipping words trying to change the story.

  5. You people are nuts.

  6. 😆✋😆✋😆😂

  7. @Wayne Caviness  "Cry until he leaves office "?? Melodramatic…
    No, actually, I can't wait till he gets voted out so he can be scrutinized and convicted if need be..
    I am not one to wish punishment on someone even if I don't like him..
    And as disgusting as his rhetoric is, if he did nothing wrong then, ok..
    However, I and most Americans have serious doubts about "your" President..
    The tax returns will reveal everything..
    He knew what he was getting into, so if there's any shady business he will answer to justice..

  8. sharper68  What obstruction when he did not collude with Russia. There has to be an actual crime in order to obstruct justice. The actual obstruction was by the Obama/Clinton cartel. 300,000 Classified Emails, Destroyed Sim cards, bleached hard drives, smashed with hammers. They were spying on the Trump campaign. Bill Clinton is a rapist.

  9. The President should ask to open an investigation against the DNC

  10. "Its simple !!! There's is a man who has no respect for the Constitution , who lies to the people , who has just spit in the face of Congress n our allies , who has make sure the rich never pay there full share , who was willing to meet wit those who were outside to help get dirt on others , who was willing to owe those who help him , no matter were it came from , to all those trump supporters what hav (sic) you reap since he's been in office ? What happened to that massive invasion ? There will come a time when we look back and saw the death of the u.s.a." Eric Pelote.

  11. There are just no words for the pathetic knitpicks on the comments it. Half of which appear to be form people who never even saw what was reference in the video. And the other half desperately clutching for and straw they can grasp.

  12. I don’t like a lot about Kamila Harris, but she can really hold her own in a line of questioning. But I guess she was a prosecutor so that’s to be expected.

  13. She got him??..LMAO. .Once again Cenk is loving dreamland. Cenk..The king of buffoonery self orgasming early as usual…hoping..praying…trying desperately to be right about Russia.

  14. I am getting a bit put of by Kamal Harris grandstanding in these rather meaningless hearings… Keep your fire for Medicare for All or getting money out of politics..

  15. Did Cenk just snort at 3:54? Lol

  16. And Harris didn't "get him," TYT. This is just a political / law stunt.

  17. K Harris: the matter of reviewing the investigation is tantamount to repeating the investigation. That's not the AJ's job! The AJ does not even have the resources to repeat an investigation that costed millions of dollars.

  18. TYT really has gone down in quality. There is no objectivity left.

  19. Harris is in a perpetual state of sounding like she's about to cry. Barr should have been a gentleman and offer her a tissue.

  20. Inferred isn’t even a synonym for suggested. She was looking for “implied” and had no understanding of intermediate English.

  21. Whaahaha!!! What's the difference between Camela Harris and Stormie Daniels???…

  22. Democrats have lost it. This is insane

  23. Are Corey and Kamala besties? I’m getting friend backup vibes 😂

  24. it looks like Kamala she was thinking,
    "if your dumbass don't answer my question"……
    also there's too many Russian bots in the comment section.

  25. The stupid on this panel is amazing. When you are under oath, any perceived lie can be charged as perjury. With the Dems absolutely hoping to catch Barr, currently the second most hated man in America for the Left, in a perjury trap, he absolutely HAS to take his time and try to avoid answering broad, vague questions like that. That's why he says he's grappling with the term "suggest." He wants Harris to be more specific to avoid stepping on the perjury land mine.

    Anybody who has either 1. testified under oath or 2. has some basic understanding of how a court proceeding works would know that you darn well better be extremely selective in what you say and how you say it. This is especially true when the ones asking the questions are sharks looking for blood in the water.

    Yet Cenk and friends chuckle as though Barr's being an idiot. Throw Cenk or anybody on this panel in that setting and watch how fast they catch a perjury charge. Cenk even makes this point for me at 2:10 by talking about the infamous Clinton contention of "what 'is' is." It's the same exact thing. For us laymen it seems stupid and petty but perjury law is so finicky that you would be a fool not to carefully weigh your responses and seek as much specificity as possible.

    Moving on: it's not Barr's job to go over all the evidence. It was SUPPOSED to be Mueller's job to gather the evidence, analyze it, and make a recommendation on whether or not there should have been a prosecution, because he was the special counsel on the case. Key word: counsel. What is counsel you may ask? If you take Cenk's advice and Google it, you'll find "advice, especially that given formally" OR "the lawyer or lawyers conducting a case." From either perspective, Mueller's job was to come to a determination on recommending what action AG Barr should take. Instead, Mueller threw this responsibility onto Barr to prevent himself from being the target of the Left's venom. It's a savvy move, because now Barr is the bad guy and Mueller the innocent bystander so far as the Left is concerned, but it's an abdication of what was supposed to be Mueller's duty in this particular case. Bottom line is that Mueller knew there was insufficient evidence to move forward with a prosecution recommendation, so instead of recommending that no charges be filed, AS WAS HIS JOB, and drawing the wrath of the Left, he makes Barr the sacrificial lamb. Do not think for a second that if he thought there were sufficient evidence, that he would have left the decision up to Barr.

    An aside: Ramesh speaks vaguely about the atrocities committed against the working class by Trump when there's more money in their paychecks, the strongest economy in decades, and record lows in unemployment for all races and economic classes of people. Hollow criticism is hollow.

  26. Obviously none of the people on this show have been under oath.

  27. Harris doesn’t stun Barr on anything. He is smart and not playing into her rhetoric. He’s doing his job and doesn’t have to answer to her. Y’all better get better informed.

  28. ladies and gentlemen the US AG is grappling with the word suggest….we screwed

  29. Cenk trying to control the narrative. Old trick of war.

  30. he was not struggling. he was playing her……you know, playing dumb

  31. This was a flop and you see destruction. Even if he answered yes the President is allowed to refer, hint or suggest things that could potentially be investigated. Obama investigated his political enemies in Trump and when the IG report comes out it is going to expose it. They also won't be able to use the Dems normal tactic of attacking people rather then facts because the IG was appointed by Obama.

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