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Kanye West Breaks The Stupid Meter

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Is Kanye West one of the dumbest guys in the country? Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.

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Kanye West Called to Abolish Amendment that Ended Slavery: It’s ‘Slavery in Disguise’

“Kanye West, or rather the artist formerly known as Kanye West since he now prefers to be referred to as YE, took to Twitter on Saturday to call for the abolition of the 13th Amendment.

The problem is, the 13th Amendment just so happens to be the amendment which abolishes slavery.

West tweeted out his thoughts on the 13th Amendment complete with a photo of him in a MAGA hat.

“We will provide jobs for all who are free from prisons as we abolish the 13th amendment,” West wrote. “Message sent with love.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  2. Kanye West: Uncle Tom

  3. You just hate black people who don't do as they are told.

  4. i seriously think he has schizofrenia

  5. I can’t stand Kanye West. He’s cancelled in my mind. The problem is he latches of to complex ideas but doesn’t do enough research to fully understand them or doesn’t have the intellect or vocabulary to explain them. I know exactly what he meant. The 13th Amendment is indeed slavery in disguise. This is when the criminalisation of Black people in America began. Watch the documentary 13th on Netflix it exposes the issues far better than I can.

  6. I thin Kayne has some mental issues, why do people even pay attention to this idiot

  7. Perhaps he has privatized prisons confused somehow with the 13th Amendment. I really don't know, but I hope he just keeps his mouth shut from now on.

  8. Change the title to “The Young Turds broke the stupid meter cause the fat buffalo ate it” and then I will relate

  9. Boy, oh Boy, are the Young Turds STUUUUUUUPAAAAAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I have never cared for him or his music.

  11. We need to ALTER the 13th amendment. I say that because in section 1 it literally states (as you read) that convicted criminals can be treated as slaves. That is deplorable. They are still human beings no matter how f*cked up their crime and should be treated as such. Granted: there is a major difference between a thief and a rapist or murderer. We need to create a plan to adjust accordingly.

  12. 5:20 Kanye West loses all credibility. "No Jews" wrote the constitution. Piss off elite scum!

  13. Use Porno code "TIT" to save 66.6% on your next ho. Sign up and start protecting your immoral experience!

  14. Could be a publicity stunt…some famous people will say anything to stay in the spotlight.

  15. People in the future are going to build monuments to Kanye and Trump among others. You will be able to find those monuments in the Hall of Stupid People, those who actually set humanity backwards and should forever be scorned.

  16. Please, stop giving Kanye attention. This is literally the only reason he does any of this is to desperately try and stay relevant.

  17. Dear, the XIII is slavery legalized. We all know how in the USA you can get 5 years for smoking weed and driving. Thus, a “crime” constitutes reason enough to punish with slavery or involuntary servitude. Pardon my English…

  18. I think he's trying to say to disallow forced slavery in prisons, but he's very dumb, and does not know how to say that.

  19. First I thought you were just being mean calling him the dumbest person in the country… After that follow up I was like da fuq???

  20. First off I would like to say I love tyt network, however I am upset at how you guys decided to handle this. Kayne is confused, but I agree that we should amend the 13th ammendment and I am surprised you guys do not agree. It is true that the 13th ammendment is slavery in disguise and I'm upset that you guys didn't use this to bring more light to the issue. Minorities are incarcerated at higher rates than their counterparts and are falsely imprisoned at higher rates too. You need to recognize that this is institutionalized racism that has been around since the 13th ammendment. Please redo this episode or bring light to this issue! I always expect the best from you guys and I also expect you guys to thoroughly think things through before you post, which you usually do. We do need to amend this ammendment and many people are unaware of the ills of this ammendment. I just want you guys to recognize it FULLY in your videos and allow your audience to be aware of the issue. A great documentary on Netflix called the 13th does a great job of eexplainingthe issue with this ammendment. I hope that anyone who is reading this and who is unaware of the issues watches the documentary. Thanks.

  21. Can anybody speak Kanye? I can't understand a word he saying.

  22. Please, some tweet Kanye flat Earth videos. He will totally buy it and it will be hilarious to watch him "spread the truth"

  23. Tyt 4.1M Subscribers 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  24. Well, if people can say that Lincoln was gay, then people can say that he was black. Maybe Obama wasn't the first black gay president.

  25. Hey Turks if yall did any real research u would see it was plan to promote welfare and remove fathers out the home I suggest u do some deeper digging

  26. Gay fish strikes again

  27. What's that saying again? STOP MAKING STUPID PEOPLE FAMOUS….

    He's irrelevant because he's ignorant, along with anyone looking up to him for opinions.

  28. ur unfair dude, kanye west is just using free speech to defend both sides.

  29. So it's not racist when TYT calls a Black man one of the dumbest guys in the country.
    If Trump said that about any Black man, an entertainer or politician, then they'd flip out.

  30. It didn't sound like a rant to me.

    He was right about the breaking up of black families was a Democrat plan. Ever since they extended welfare programs two parent homes in the black community plummeted. Look at cities run by Democrats for decades look like

  31. Please let this be publicity. No one can be THAT stupid. Right?

  32. He may be referring to the portion that mentions enslavement as punishment for a crime. Even Ana covered this in a story about the use of inmate as firefighters which undercuts those who've actually trained to be firefighters. The prison system is wildly profitable, paying prisoners a few cents, while getting subsidized heavily by the government.

  33. Besides the dumb Abe Lincoln reference, I think you guys misinterpreted what he was trying to say. When he said he wanted the 13th Amendment amended, he wasn't referring to abolishing all prisons, he was referring to abolishing indentured prison labor and private prisons that pay prisoners close to nothing.

  34. 3:30 Wow Cenk interpreting mindless ramble. I can tell he was a lawyer, or something that involves dealing with inarticulate people on a regular basis. Defendant: "I didn't know I couldn't throw that stuff out I reckon other dude mightta got it like that" Legal Counselor: "your honor what my client is saying is he was unaware of the fact that littering is a crime, and that doing so while driving near the plaintiff is likely how the plaintiff obtained the contraband, which my client maintains was not his". Judge: "so your'e saying your client is a jackass that didn't know that littering is a crime, and somehow had someone else's contraband valued at over $400 that just happened to be in a sack in his car"? Legal Counselor "yes your honor".

  35. A conspiracy that Abraham Lincoln was Black. 😂

  36. stepin fetchit says what…?

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