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Kanye West Compares Himself To Jesus On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Kanye West Compares Himself To Jesus On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Kanye West makes up with Jimmy Kimmel: he defends Kim Kardashian, threatens the paparazzi and compares himself to Jesus and Steve Jobs. Subscribe! http://bit.ly/10cQZ5j

Starring Bonnie Fuller
Starring Chloe Melas


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  1. WHAT THE FUCK? He said he look up to Jesus, he is NOT comparing himself with Jesus! He said "these are my heroes".

  2. My question is are you the son of God? Can you turn water into wine? Can you heal the deaf dumb and blind and cast Devils out of people? No you can't because the devil inhabits you false words come from false people from a false sense of self being once you shove all the words you say up your f**** ass Kanye

  3. He's not a genius he's an idiot

  4. I'm just glad that I have an Egyptian sun worshipper

  5. I'm glad Jesus don't exist you can look it up all YouTube Jesus never existed

  6. Chloe you are sooo beautiful

  7. The thing is tho how has he changed the world nothing he done nothing haha

  8. He said that Jesus is His Hero, Then Whyy was he Mocking Jesus in some of his Concerts??

  9. Y’all are choking on your words now lmao

  10. Like Kanye attitude
    Love urself

  11. Blasphemy + Mental illness= Kanye.

  12. Bruh he didn't compare himself to jesus he just said those are the people he look up to.

  13. Fake headline. Never did he compare himself to Jesus. Said he was one Kanye’s heroes. You should be ashamed for such a false headline. Yah it worked. You got me to watch but it only helps me understand Kanye and how I don’t want to watch any more of your videos.

  14. Kanye is a new embodiment of Jesus Christ wether you like it or not. So was Charles manson. The both talk how they are god. I understand it now because I have now woken up. Kenye is a Buddha. When he says he is god. He literally means it. I know this because god reconize other gods. Kenye has also said this.

  15. And y’all only know how to target Ari

  16. Whaa whaa whaa I AM a God I am a God I am a God ! ( song ) ! Kim LIKE Kanye are Soo full of theirselves , they are not giving kim the star to humble her JUST like they did Susan Lucci !

  17. I rate what he has to say

  18. you can't call yourself Jesus if you think yourself is the best person ever.

  19. i didnt know that Jesus rap, designed clothes and married porngirl

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  21. No you're not Jesus mate, you're Satans little servant.

  22. What's up with the comments? He never compared himself to Jesus or any of the others, he said that they were his idols. As a rap/hip-hop enthusiast I find Kanye an outstanding artist and producer as well as coming out with some of the best albums of this century. His lyrical style is quite unique and basically every song of his is impressive. Kim Kadashian is however not at all worthy of a place in the Hollywood Walk of Fame, her claim to fame was a sex tape of her being released.

  23. Your father is creative geinus (if you know wut i think about)

  24. Kim kardashin a star in Hollywood wtf she a star cause she's a hoe

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