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Kavanaugh Confirmation Vote Interrupted by Screaming Protesters

Multiple protesters were forcibly removed from the Senate gallery Saturday, as they continually interrupted the Supreme Court confirmation vote for Brett Kavanaugh.

The dramatic moments began as Vice President Mike Pence presided over the Senate chamber and began the official vote. A female protester began shouting “I do not consent. I do not consent. Where is my representation?”

The interruptions continued throughout the vote. A press release from the Capitol Police said that 13 people were removed and arrested from the Senate chamber.

The protests came as senators were in the process of confirming Kavanaugh, who became a justice on the highest court in the nation after a 50-48 vote.

On Saturday, protesters swarmed Washington D.C. to protest the confirmation. Kavanaugh was publicly accused of sexual misconduct by three women.

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testified in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee last week, detailing an alleged sexual assault that took place in the 1980s. Dr. Ford claimed that Kavanaugh pinned her down and covered her mouth to conceal her screams as he grinded on her and attempted to remove her one-piece bathing suit. Kavanaugh has denied all claims made against him.


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