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Kehlani Attempts Suicide Over PartyNextDoor & Kyrie Irving Love Triangle

Kehlani almost commits suicide after being slut shamed online for allegedly cheating on Kyrie Irving with her former ex PartyNextDoor

Starring Chloe Melas

Produced & Directed By @ginoorlandini

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  1. She's A HOE . she is a fucking HOE 😂

  2. Bitch stop lying this literally had nothing to do with Drake, Rhianna, or even fucking Ayesha Curry

  3. whose a hoe ooooooo I know khelani

  4. So this was all brought on by people in putting their opinions on stuff that's not their business so then you make a video about it asking for their opinions on something that yet again it's none of their business nice one

  5. Unfortunately…. The suicide attempt was a fail…

  6. Kyrie not worried about her he's worth over 15 million. plus he's a Cleveland Cavalier her career didn't even take off yet I don't even know her. But this is were money over hoes come into play.


  7. She a liar she cheated I don't like her she a hoe and I wanted the warriors to win not even a cavs fan but she a hoeee

  8. Man kyrie was a real nigga, keep ballin these don't love u💯

  9. she need too take a step back and think a little

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