Keith Richards' secret to a long marriage is…

Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards dishes on his secret to a successful marriage, upcoming new music and his new children’s book.
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  1. I wish people would stop looking at him as if he's high…..he's not. He's a great dad, granddad, husband and rocker…..he's grown up people…

  2. You deserve buddy. Great healthy family. You are a goid soul

  3. He looks like Jack sparrow's father

  4. Keith Richards you are a real good man and cool as hell

  5. She still looks amazingly hot! Keith on the other hand looks like a hot dog that has been in the microwave for too long.


  7. My neighbour try to kill me and he try to do this again and hè go with wis car and lie to many peoplle what hè while hè self comes out the jail 10 tears a go and I hear and din’t Teus what hè do to a older women while his husband go in her house to play or they threat her while they sat in a day to bring her where they give her care and after the IPS neighbour say to have good look with them and the police listen inly to them while they know about this people I hear and while hè go she lie to people they past her and do this many years can they hold this people because this foolish people don’t stop to lie and they make people afraid to say what they want. And they wanne hold secret from I child what I’m and hear this is spiritual what they hold with frequentions only. And they don’t let me live and be how iT is posible to work
    And I hear before I go to the police they no it and hold me before I there. And they want my leges in the hope noe ohe help me and this wT they all so lie that I never help ither people and this a big lie because when iT is needed and when I see people in sanger I help well. And they nake me after Seven years very tired and to tired to walk because this people dangerous and laff
    And they make a big mistake to think that I as the boy that call Frankrijk I walk when I sixteen on the MON Pé Martre with my crazy mother. Please give soon as posobpeca reaction. Stay your self Keith

  8. Gaskins clerk McClurkin from the substation she fresh out all right yeah I do

  9. Sounds like you have a great wife Keith ! Great wife, wonderful life !

  10. She puts up with him because she loves him. It’s a simple beautiful thing. 🙂

  11. This Guy is Awesome, In a list of ten people in the world I would love to meet he would be right at the top.

  12. He's the luckiest fool on the hill

  13. secret to a long marriage? don't watch fake news with your wife.

  14. Keith Richards is a cute little old man.

  15. Um espetacular ser humano. E no seu estilo…o melhor .

  16. Having a faithful eternal companion. I have been blessed to be living with the same woman for 42 years! What a long strange trip it’s been mates!! Is seeing this amazing the worlds greatest rock ‘n’ roll band they are still performing gigs A bit longer than I have been married. I am an old rock ‘n’ roll or Woodstock and 69, quite a few times at Berkeley community Theatre, Avalon ballroom, Fillmore West, The inn of the beginning, I have been a stones fancier, since 1963

  17. Keith is simply a good man. Loves his family and his band. I bet he’s a fantastic grandfather!

  18. is this normal that they hold me and follow me with cars my neighbour to let him do every thing ewhst he want and my grandfather ever make as komplot .

    my neighbour making streets and make his own rooms while I never do some thing wrong he do a crime and remake the tools that they must jump to my window when I come to know that they working to stolen ,olio's from me many years and they hold me poor and hurt me so much to give life pain and this hurts much moreqthen people this together with missing people I live and my child and he speak with the mother to let her come in contact to make me father with a women they know before that I like her direct to hurt me after and to kill my child and hear and all so to make a second and he do or IO make a crime when I send to justioc and when he make the role that a man make and is not alive and my grandfather make and is long a go over tis komplot and he do this to hurt my father and my neighbour hear some thing about this when he was in prison and he begin a kom[plot and lie to the world and make the tools that they must arrest me and say :" let him ever free while he hold me to make evidence while he is a wall builder and nothing more and here he play the last days police man in his years ands work boots for street makers thus man is Crrrazy

  19. Please find Jesus. Get saved. Since anything can happen … Glad to see you so lucid in this interview. Maybe there is hope after all …

  20. Good Jesus. Keith Richards' daughter is beautiful. I'm having difficulty factoring that in.

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