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Kendall Jenner Gets Spanked By Santa Claus

Kendall Jenner Gets Spanked By Santa Claus

Kendall Jenner gets spanked by Santa Claus in this new shoot by Love Magazine.

Full Video Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsqtgh6YNxY

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Starring Chloe Melas

Produced & Directed by @ginoorlandini


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DOCTOR VOX – Frontier
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  1. Anyone knows of the clip of Emma Stone doing this exact same pose? (I've seen it before but can't find it now) Please Respond ASAP, Thank you.

  2. why are we so bitchyif i wanted to diss i would

  3. the jenners and kardashians are attenion seekers

  4. Girl:"if your not following her on instagram then what are you doing with your life? "

    me: Oh well I don't know maby living my life instead of following people I don't know??

  5. I want to see Ariana Grande get spanked on stage unexpectedly

  6. the entire kardashians are incest

  7. i wana spanking santa please

  8. I was born on December 25th. I used to love Santa. Now he is no longer welcome to y house. I know Mrs.Claus isn't doing it for ya………..but even that jolly bowl of jelly could do better Kendall 'I'm only a sucessful "model" because my sister slept with Brandy's chiropractor or whatever' Jenner

  9. It is never ok to depict a man hurting a woman for intertainment. Other than that ,I think, Chris Jenner has done a fine job of raising her children.

  10. Ohh.. like mother like daughter.. How slutty!

  11. It's fxcking job, she's a model a model gotta do what she gotta do so don't fxcking swear at her for no reason seen Miranda Kerrs shoot why isn't anyone saying anything bout that just because she's Kim's sister it doesn't mean she's a slut and bout kourtneys shoot I think it's flawless since she is so comfortable with her bump and is not insecure she's an inspiration to all those women !!

  12. WOWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ! She's beautiful !

  13. Seriously funny and creative I guess we know she is in the naughty list!!! Lol

  14. Being a jerk to being a hoe m i start to hate jenners family. Dont know why maybe they seem wanna copie what their step sister does .fyi dont forget where you coming from –' annoying much

  15. Wow that wasn't even a spank bruhh i woulda smacked the hell out of it

  16. Its a horror to watch her in laungery! Shapeless stick!

  17. oh my gosh santa is been naughty too I so need this santa

  18. its not really wrong she's an adult now plus this is her job

  19. * if you're not following her on Instagram, then what are you doing with your life.? *
    Uhm.. Having a life instead of following the Kardashians?

  20. I hope she doesn't go Kim :/ but Kylie seems well so far ! 😂

  21. Who gives a fuck about her new look nasty bitch

  22. Gross…totally…I'm lost for word……Miley's twerking,Kendal Jenner's spanking….. Both seem pretty similar to me.just my opinion,don't kill me Kendal fan,just my opinion

  23. She's only 17 right? Is she an adult yet?

  24. Have you ever seen kendall in person omg if you have it must be exciting!!!!!!😭love her so much 💕

  25. Kylie is my favourite kardashian/jenner.

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