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Kendall Jenner – Justin Bieber

Kendall Jenner - Justin Bieber

Starring Emily Longeretta

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  1. Mother fucker justin bieber

  2. it said #KKK on the tweet she was hacked there’s no way any famous person would ever do that

  3. I think he should get back to work.

  4. just get him back to work I mean he really  needs it.

  5. he need someone to 💖, but if 💖 music and sing he need to stop playing with the girls. and get to work. but your music is great💖💋💋👌✌👍💓💋

  6. who thinks Justin bieber will date me 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  7. Could anyone tell me what oral sex is?

  8. the name says Jenner

    is it a tranny?

  9. he is prefer with selena

  10. What actually gross is actually your title.

  11. its time to get back to work but steel have fun

  12. Oh well, what can I say…like big sister like young sister.

  13. Didn't know that Kylie Jenner was a white supremacist until now.

  14. tbh cant blame him for getting it on with them hotties he just needs to balance it out and keep it private i cannot blame him for getting with girls i mean look at them, which sane guy would resist when they are probably giving it to him on a plate.

  15. I think Justin should stay single. I don't know why you would suggest getting in a relationship after just coming out of one. At this point it's time for relaxing, thinking, and having fun. He is young after all.

    And all these girls Justin has been hanging out with are all basically rebounds after his break up with Selena.

  16. Justin should date Ariana lol

  17. "Just got done slobbing on @justinbeiber's nob #SloppyToppy #KKK"
    Seems Legit.

  18. Someone hacked her twitter account

  19. I would pay to be lock in a room with him for 5 minutes. No cops no camera's and no weapons. I promise he wouldn't come out that room alive I would beat his brains out with my bare hands. And when the 5 minutes were up I would walk out clean his blood off of me and go on with my day with a smile on my face.

  20. I think it's time for both….. btw Kendall is on that photo of Justin and that instagram model

  21. Stopppppp😠😬😡😤😣

  22. I'm uploading game if thrones season premiere that I acquired.from the producers son!!

  23. It was her friends that hacked her

  24. Doesn't surprise me her family is full of whores

  25. I think he should get back and doing what he does best and that's making music

  26. Kendall should date Teo halm

  27. She didn't get fuckin hacked!!

  28. That Emily bitch is fucking annoying lol they need to replace her.

  29. I like that they got the tweet two minutes after. They're like hawks.

  30. Justin Bieber find someone else.

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