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Kendall Jenner Wants Higher Boobs!? – KUWTK Recap

Kendall Jenner Wants Higher Boobs!? - KUWTK Recap

Keeping Up With The Kardashian recap: Kendall Jenner obsesses about her boobs while Kyile Jenner may start a singing career.

Starring Emily Longeretta

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Produced & Directed by @ginoorlandini


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  1. She is so beautiful even though her boobs are flat . I love her so much

  2. kylie shoULD really get into singing career cz her voice is literally AMAZING

  3. Like= have kiss kylie jenner. Sub to me= kiss kendall jenner

  4. las mas hermosas kendall Cara y Gigi

  5. of coarse she should try singing

  6. check out my new yt banner (:

  7. you are beautiful,flawless with your natural boops…..kendall..

  8. Kendall = Natural person.

  9. all I can say is they are all. geniuses at making money from their brand. they have their Mom to thank for that. She was the matriarch.

  10. murah… so much with america's first family… haaaahhh!! what can I say?… I can say what I want…

  11. I don't like them. .so bitch yuck

  12. what does KUWTK mean can anyone plz tell me

  13. BRUH . She like 5'10 DAYUUM

  14. She's so hot the way she is

  15. atleast she will have real proffession , I say go for it work for your money boo it about time this is the real world after all

  16. ho no she dont need boob job she s perfect as she is, ho why why why hurte yourselves young people for man

  17. I'm on Kylie's team here!!

  18. ooo, memang jualannya…lol

  19. I think that she should give singing a shot. Id listen. Why not?

  20. All girls are like that really!

  21. She wants to look pretty and she wants the boys to come after her!

  22. I think Kendell is just teasing because she loves modeling and I think she is proud of her bby sis

  23. after I heard kim's  song I don't think it is a good idea for kylie to sing.

  24. Kendall shouldn't do that. She already looks fine. Then she's gonna end up looking like her sisters😒

  25. God Kendall is already the most prettiest girl on the earth.. I don't know why she's complaining.

  26. Not higher it needs to be a bit bigger

  27. Kendall, you are perfect. Don't change a thing girl!

  28. kendall just wants all the fucking attension, bloody hell. we get it, your new job is ATTENSION SEEKING!! Anyways, i think Kylie would be a good singer and i domt really give a crap of what Kendall and her 'i wanna be more whore' ideas are

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