Kennedy: Elizabeth Warren is 'desperate'

Kennedy gives her thoughts on 2020 candidate Elizabeth Warren’s wealth tax plan and says it’s ‘immoral.’

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  1. Kennedy Its called Ayn Rands book Atlas Shrugged. You all might want to reread it or better yet for the lazy watch it on youtube a 3 part series

  2. Billionaires need to stick together to take on the 99%. We, the 99%, need to make their job of fighting us easy

  3. I like Kennedy and her high energy, but she should tone down the yelling a little

  4. With the Dems Impeachment of President Trump the Democrats has committed Political Suicide. President Trump Re-Election with a landslide red wave. Vote Trump 2020. God Bless America and God Bless Trump 2020

  5. Oh, those poor billionaires- how will they survive? Those poor people.

  6. How can a news network expect to find credibility with this kind of cringe?

  7. Why is she screaming at me?

  8. Warren acts like she's poor. I bet she owns 3 or 4 teepees located in different states.

  9. If this crazy women gets power, the economy would tank overnight! The billionaires will all just take their money and flee the country, then what Einstein??
    Plus, can you imagine her negotiating a trade deal with China, hahahahahaha !!!!!!

  10. Perhaps Fox Business could give some advice on how and where to invest all the trickle down money Donald said we are getting?

  11. How to loose touch with reality take a lesson from warren!

  12. Eastern band of Cherokee voted Trump and will in 2020

  13. Socialism is enforced altruism by gunpoint.
    Capitalism is enforced altruism by necessity.

  14. Same ole do-nothing politician shpill- blame every problem in the world on the rich.

  15. one good thing for sure we won't have to worry about her doing doodelly squat…

  16. Do wealthy dems get taxed too or are they exempt?

  17. A demagogue of the highest order it seems.

  18. All these Democrats and the corrupt news media are getting very desperate.

  19. She should be arrested it’s an easy case. She lied and got scholarships AND jobs because she claimed she was a minority. My question is – where the fock is BIll Barr, this is so easy

    No rain clouds in sight……

  21. Low IQ and waisted millennials will vote for this lunacies build on emotions and wishful thinking until the next recession,. Only when the fell first hand the result of these stupidity they understand ,, and will be mad on the next generation who will want the same garbage .. as young as this attitude of irrational thinking .. that human nature builds to fail and recycle

  22. She is not going to win. The Socialist doesn’t have a chance.

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