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Kennedy: Lisa Page playing the victim is ‘laughable’

Kennedy gives her take on former FBI attorney Lisa Page and the upcoming FISA abuse report.

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  1. Sarcasm is such impressive journalism. And the slurring…..spit or something.

  2. Uh oh Kennedy your lovely dress does nothing for your healthy arms. Pitch that one! Your too adorable to look too manly armed. Gotta admit though you've got the guts of a strong man,and probably more than most men. Your reporting is deviceive. Hits where it hurts! Ouch!

  3. Everyone here should see the series, "Hidden Agenda". It is, surprisingly, available right now on Amazon Prime.

  4. One of Hildaroids "Russian" election meddlers

  5. Can't believed she will do this but alas, the truth hurt. She betrayed the trust. And having personal relationship with former fbi officer Peter Strzok, that destructive. Victim own making.

  6. she needs jaiil time when you do the crime you should do the time she broke up a home brought shame to herself and now she wants to play the victiim bs

  7. Also, worse presenter ever! I mean how difficult is it to get a presenter that can present, instead of put on a ridiculous voice and attempt sarcasm?

  8. He is still being investigated….


  10. Let’s see how much she has to say under oath!

  11. lisa can shut the hell up she is going to be roommate with strozk in jail

  12. @1:45 Nice Titos plug tho! 😂

  13. I wonder how many times they did what they did, this time they got cought, she ain't innocent, they are traitors to this country, it's all in writing, text

  14. She spread lies and her legs. She's a bar fly.

  15. Ask her if she still thinks you are deplorable.


  17. Hey Paige, you're home wrecker , are a traitor and you have cost the American taxpayers Millions ! ! ! 😠 😠 😠

  18. Now Ms. Page is speaking ,why now indeed why now !?

  19. Lisa Page is part of the  cabal that tried to take Trump down.  Now she's complaining that she's a victim and that he was "mean" to her on Twitter.  You can't make this stuff up.

  20. Another "cluster B" female making the news.

  21. The United States Government has lots of crying babies in good positions. That’s the reason this country will never see a female President.

  22. Democrats are terrorist and I’m glad the government categorized them as such they deserve the title

  23. WTF with the tinny echo!? C'mon Fox. Really?

  24. Presenter seems like a drunk bully. Slurring words, and unintelligible.
    I'm as appalled by FBI misconduct as the next person, but Fox should be employing news professionals, not nasty gossip girls.

  25. She got caught cheating and Lying, so she wants everybody to feel sorry for her. A logical Leftist thinking. 🤪

  26. not sure they were lovers, seems more like a cover for her. He's her handler.

  27. Page is a toy Dems used to attack Trump and this lady is stupid toy and she has no brain

  28. Maybe Page could go into some type of alternative pron?

  29. Doesn't she still work for the government? How !

  30. She maybe the next, Epstein. Don't talk to much about Hillary Clinton

  31. Ha Ha! Lisa Page is in BIG trouble! Buh Buy Lisa! 👉🏻👌🏻

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