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Kentucky Governor Makes BIZARRE Polar Vortex Comments

Kentucky Governor Makes BIZARRE Polar Vortex Comments

The polar vortex has already claimed 8 lives. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. More TYT: https://go.tyt.com/LkPiOna3b_M

Read more here: https://www.rawstory.com/2019/01/kentucky-gov-matt-bevin-blames-obama-hes-torn-shreds-mocking-kids-soft-polar-vortex/

“Multiple schools across the country are closed on Thursday due to the frigid cold that has reportedly claimed the lives of eight people so far.

However, Kentucky’s Tea Party Gov. Matt Bevin believes that children in his state should tough it out, even though meteorologists have warned that being exposed to the arctic cold for just 30 minutes could result in getting frostbite.

After receiving bipartisan criticism over this, Bevin hit back on Twitter by posting a video from 2009 of former President Barack Obama jokingly chiding Washington, D.C. for grinding to a halt over light snow in the area, although the temperatures at the time were significantly warmer than the polar vortex that is now gripping much of the United States.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. We should set up a tent site for the governors of these states until homelessness is solved

  2. So minus 50 is disastrous ? Yet it's a typical tuesday in Canada.

  3. Shut up you stupid reject. "Residue from being around a Liberal" is more like it 😒

  4. laughs in texan It's 79 degrees in Dallas today XD

  5. This prompted me to go find pictures of the Kentucky Governor's Mansion – it looks very nice, well insulated.

  6. Bevins a loser.We in Canada are used to -45f with a -65 windchill.we close our schools tough guy.

  7. Considering how ignorant McConnell & Bevin are, its no wonder the rest of the US see's KY as idiot's. I'm actually from Kentucky! Those guys are ignorant beyond repair!

  8. Building up some tolerance to cold is something that happens over years of being in a colder climate, you don't 'get tough' by going outside when it's dangerously freezing. They also told people not to go outside when it was 108 degrees in St Louis.

  9. In Texas, I get cold when it's 65°F.

  10. To those comparing it to Northern Countries, the comparison isnt very fair.
    Of course yall have colder weather and are used to it, you live much farther from the equator which is what determines roughly the temperament of your region.
    The U.S has several states much closer to the equator and for years and years we have been used to 35f+ every single year no matter what the season, but now this is changing, because all summers are becoming hotter and all winters are becoming colder, this is due to Global Warming.
    A person in Texas should not have to buy the same clothing for winter time as someone in Siberia or Winnipeg.

  11. Damn. "We're getting soft…" Now I understand why the Kentucky Governor opted out of the Afforable Care Act. That guy possesses not one ounce of compassion or empathy for anyone. Damn.

  12. Get used to it. We are not far off from entire seasons that last months and are even colder lol..

  13. Canadian here. We just suck up cold weather as normal. Yes we usually hibernate a bit during winter and snow birds will fly south when folks get old and have big bank accounts but…This is "normal" here during winter time above the 49th. Nothing stops. No snow days. Yup though our poor are hauled off the streets and put in shelters. Nothing can live on the streets at -50 C very long without adequate clothing or shelter.

  14. Al Roker isn't a meteorologist; he's a TV weather man with a degree in communications only.

  15. Colleges be like: “lol. Wear a scarf.”

  16. No, no, no. As a kid in IL school was NOT canceled for ice on the road. School was canceled when there was a combination of temperature and accumulation of snow. So, it this case President Obama was correct, we would have recess with a little ice.

  17. BUT BUT BUT GLOBAL WARMING!!? next year will get worse

  18. Now that's REAL police work……..

  19. When it's that cold in Canada we put on a sweater. In all fairness, that is cold, and when it gets that cold we get media warnings to dress up properly. Of course, anyone exposed to the elements for a long period of time is in danger unless properly dressed. People should stay inside and it is very dangerous for homeless people or people stuck in situations where they're stuck in the elements–like in an isolated car crash.

  20. A Swedish saying "Det finns inget dåligt väder bara dåliga kläder" = "There's no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes."

  21. Matt, you are a MASSIVE PRICK! YOU spend some time out in the cold and see how YOU feel about that! These are POLAR conditions! Do you understand what POLAR means? Such precautions make sense in states that don't normally experience such temperatures… where people may not be as experienced or materially prepared as in states like North Dakota or Montana where such temperature drops are common. And there are homeless people out there who may not be able to escape from the cold.

    I'm really sick of this massive cynicism, selfishness, and needlessly adversarial behavior sweeping this country. Think, Matt! I don't care how big you think your balls are. As a public figure, you, more than others, need to watch your mouth.

  22. I can understand him . In January 1977 in Ohio the temperature never rose above 11 degrees for the entire month! We did not miss one day of school…….

  23. We never got much below negative 30 in Idaho (it was colder then before climate change shifted weather patterns), BUT there was a policy to not cancel school unless it reached negative 20 not counting wind chill. I remember being so ticked one day when it was negative 30 with wind chill but only negative 19 in reality. Walked to school and was turned away because the the school was snowed in (drifts of snow piled too high on the doors to open them). But we had to do things that way or we might have missed weeks of school in a bad winter

  24. join the rest of the real world ?, ever think of trying the Metric system, the rest of the world did it in the 70s

  25. Why do you think Northern countries like Sweden and Canada have social safety nets for their citizens? Cold kills everyone not cared for. You can’t cut the electricity or gas to a poor person in the middle of winter without killing them. You need to feed people in winter to get through a cold winter day without freezing. Harsh conditions outside require strong social programmes to keep people alive.

  26. I live in North Dakota and walked to work all week in this cold weather. But I do know the reality of going into this weather without proper clothing. Without going into details, I know group of minors who went out into this weather without proper clothing and their car got stuck. It's North Dakota, and there was nothing around. They walked, one girl in flip-flops. The injuries were horrific and permanent as Cenk described.

    The main thing is proper cold weather clothing. Most buildings in North Dakota are built for this weather. Travel is probably okay, but you're in real trouble if your vehicle breaks down.

    By the way: none of the schools in my part of North Dakota canceled due to cold.

    As for Kentucky: buildings there are not built for the cold weather, and people may not have the clothing for such weather, and their cars may not have block heaters.

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