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Khloe Kardashian Talks Tristan Thompson Cheating Before Giving Birth | Hollywoodlife

Khloe Kardashian Talks Tristan Thompson Cheating Before Giving Birth | Hollywoodlife

Khloe Kardashian asks everyone to leave her alone while giving birth in a new video. Also is she trying to have another kid with Tristan Thompson? Plus – Rob Kardashian is forced to sell his beloved sock company to Kris Jenner. #KhloeKardashian #KeepingUpWithTheKardashians #KimKardashian

Khloe Kardashian has a lot going on in her life in this sneak peek of the Nov. 18 episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Not only did she just give birth to True Thompson, she’s also dealing with Tristan Thompson’s cheating scandal. When her assistant talks about coming back to Cleveland the next week, Khloe is a little hesitant. “Why don’t we talk when we get a bit closer?” Khloe asks.

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Pregnant Khloe Kardashian Talks About Tristan Thompson Cheating | Hollywoodlife


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  1. Random but what's your favorite dish at Thanksgiving?

  2. Honestly Rob Kardashian's sock company is pretty amazing people who did not purchase would never know how amazing these socks are. Yes they are very expensive but they top of the line great quality. I know it sounds crazy because we're talking about socks but a lot of Sox lose their colors and they lose their elasticity and these socks are actually pretty amazing I bought my husband a few pair a few years ago and they still look the same they're not overly stretched they're not faded they are still like they came out of the box.. he should have promoted his line the right way and he should have had his sisters where them even though he wants nothing to do with the family it would have been a great promotion in the beginning

  3. I didn't even know Rob had a sock company lol what

  4. Rob is just moving the money to his Mom’s account so Chyna can’t get any profits from it. Duh

  5. she was joking around what would you do if your sister got cheated on

  6. So glad that kris bought his company to protect him from Blac Chyna.

  7. Apparently all is forgiven in Khloeland! Another baby won’t seal the deal, though.

  8. What does Tristan mean by "I dont play"? Because my spidey senses are telling me that's bullshit lol

  9. Oh my goodness, khloe leave your face (and lips) alone!!! Why are these women changing the beautiful faces they were born with.

  10. This is classic. Khoe wont leave tristan no matter what. It takes more than an affair to stop a woman from not wanting to be with their man. Ive seen a lot of strong women who put up with their man’s shit a billion times but still stay with them. So dont be sorry for these women coz they just dont learn. They still believe in this theory that u know ‘some men do change’..

  11. The reason why the cheating scandal is public is because your idiotic boyfriend had it wrong public by doing it. Am I right or not

  12. I have to say that I was not a fan, however Knloe has demonstrated how awesome she is! Perfect mother. Never thought I would say that but she has shown her strength. Go Kloe!! Continue being positive!

  13. Another baby will not stop him from cheating. Khloe wants to tie him up. What about his son?

  14. Don’t like the attention? Get out of the limelight!

  15. I just watched the Kardashians for the first time in 13 years……When did they turn into the ADAMS FAMILY????? Everyone of them looks deformed . How do people actually watch this garbage!!!

  16. Why would any person sacrifice their happiness to be with someone who's a god damn liar and disrespects their family like Tristan. Chloe needs to wake TFCKUP and realize that this man is garbage

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  18. It's been seventh months ago can we let go already. It called Karma Khloe. Next moved on you using this story to make yourself relevant. let it go when you was the one cheating with him on Jordyn Craig, while she was pregnant it didn't bother you then why now? The show has flip to the other foot. Karma,Karma, Karma.

  19. This relationship remind me of T.I. AND HIS WIFE REALTIONSHIP

  20. There’s this semi viral story going around of a bride who told off her cheating husband to be at the altar in front of the guests… I just thought wow what a strong woman that values herself. And then there’s Khloe… just a really bad example and role model.

  21. khloe should be ashamed of herself.

  22. First, rob isn't broke because of blac chyna, he's broke because he ain't doing nothing. And, Khloé needs to stop whining about her life being public, she signed up for that. Poor little rich people….. 🙄

  23. 2:47
    Newborn True pops up on the screen and we all forget about Tristan cheating n shit n say “Yay Khloé, make more of dem beautiful baybays please mmmmmk?!?”

  24. Rob's business move is brilliant. It isn't sad. They know exactly what they're doing.

  25. Why post her business
    She's hurt and she's having a baby
    Leave her alone!

  26. Chop his dick off! Hope it rots off! Men are worthless shits. She should be like Kourtney just live with him have kids then dump the shit to the curb. I curse the tramp that sex with him to get the worst cancer. I want her boobs to rot off.

  27. We all know that trick rob pulling with his sock company. He wants to make it look like he ain't making enough to pay for child support.

  28. No big lose if Blac China wasn't at the birthday party.
    Real big of Kim behind the back not to the face.
    Whats wrong with that girl! She must love misery and living with it. Is her pride that bad that she would consider having another child with that serial cheater. He a 🐕 and Kloe really needs needs to dump his smelly cheating ass off on the side of the road. Hang in there and someone else will be raising baby True while her Mama And that Cheating 🐕 are dying from Aids that he caught while play plug the hole.

  29. She’s a dum brod anyways 🙄

  30. Tristan is ugly and an asshole. I mean, just because he´s an athlete with money, he is a good man to have a familiy with? Come on Khloe, you need to get some brains my dear! Seriously. So you go and have a baby to start a familiy, no matter what? Even though the guy is a cheater? The problem with people like Tristan and Khloe is that they only thing they have is plenty of money, no morals, no shame, nothing… just money. Empty lives filled with money. Fucked up world we live in! And btw, Khloe is no saint either, she´s a hypocrite, starting with the fact that she was in a campaign of PETA about fur being murder… and she fucking wears fur all the time. She´s a cunt!

  31. Sock company doomed from the beginning?? Its been going for years! and would probably be doing much better if rob hadnt fallen into his depression.

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