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Kim Kardashian Cries Over Butt Cellulite Pics – KUWTK Recap

Keeping Up With The Kardashians recap: Kim Kardashian breaks down in tears over her butt cellulite going viral.

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Starring Emily Longeretta

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  1. She got Diaper Butt! 🤢🤮💩

  2. maybe 'fake paps' photoshopped her to look gross?

  3. Maybe you shouldn't waste money on plastic surgery! Cardi-b had illegal ass ingections at 21 in NY, and fake tits but she is hot as can be! And Real!
    Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian = full diaper. Kylie and Bruce both trying to be kim. LMAO! It's a fucked up world

  4. You poor thing should i rip my ass off in tribute i just want to be your butt slave you need a guy to worship your ass in front of the world in shame go kim

  5. their butts is gonna be sagg-y when dey get older.

  6. She got a fat juicy ass. I'll whip it in to shape!

  7. Omg just go get more lipo. .we know you will lol why cry?

  8. Sorry Kim but that's reality. The whole world knows you were hiring your own paparazzi under the condition they "fixed" their photo's. With so much crap pumped into your backside you really expect it to look natural??? Well newsflash, it DOESN'T. You were much more physically attractive before that crap. You ruined your body, well done.

  9. Of course that's what you look like that's what you get wend you fill your ass it melts down your looking like a tranny

  10. She has a disgusting ass , shes just as bad looking as kanye stupid ass . Kourtney is the pretty one

  11. So you mean to tell me that Bruce ( damn right his DNA spells man lol) Kim, Khole and ALL of them are not mentally ill. Identity Issues, can understand reality vs non reality. They all want to be something or someone else. They want to be black women and Bruce wants to be Caitlyn.

  12. I thought she said it was fake and she couldn't care less shes full of crap

  13. Bruh, I have cellulite and I'm not crying lmao

  14. Awww poor Kim. ..cameras don't lie. ..own it!!! Your ass is dimmable lol…Why shouldn't scott back then. It's not like kourt would give it to scott except when she wanted a baby.

  15. YES you soooo look like that. Nobody added those lumps.. You hire your own photographers and they smooth out your lumpy arse.

  16. Yuk her ass is disgusting and vile ? Why do peeps go on about such a gross ass ?

  17. She's bedutiful for her age, but looks a little old.

  18. She does look like that.. Her butt is disgusting..

  19. I cant believe she has the nerve to say she doesn’t look like that wow . I would never want to an ass like that . Never.

  20. Sorry Kim pictures don't lure except when you photos hop them all like people can't tell. Good are you in denial

  21. Is it just me or does her face and neck look yellow compared to the rest of her body?

  22. Time makes fools of us all.

  23. After all the bitches fucking that wat do u expect her ass Is no Good

  24. Gets a fake ass……then cries when you can tell it's fake

  25. It's only cellulite. A lot of women have it, it's unpleasant but it's just one of those things.

  26. These people are vile and disgusting !

  27. Lol, ALMOST 2 minutes of straight laughing!

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